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Funding Hot Sheet April 24, 2020: Increasing higher ed attainment, physics innovation, and more

hot sheet Funding higher education physics innovation research
Posted on November 23, 2020

Lumnia Foundation awards

Lumina's overarching goal is to increase the higher education attainment rate of the United States to 60 percent by 2025. This will represent an increase of 23 million graduates above current levels of production. While our mission focuses on both student access and success in higher education, our emphasis is on attainment, defined as completing post-secondary certificates, associate and baccalaureate degrees and credentials.

American Express programs

There are three program themes that reflect our funding priorities:

  1. Developing Leaders - Backing the People Who Are Moving the World Forward
  2. Preserving Places - Helping Historic Places Thrive
  3. 3. Serving Communities - We're Behind Communities.

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards hope to stimulate ideas on innovative ways in which emerging technologies can be used to address pressing problems in the physics of fundamental particles and interactions. The awards support a variety of ways to bring people together to discuss and collaborate on ideas to advance this area of research.

This is a $75,000 grant opportunity. 

Speech Science Research Grant

The Foundation (ASHF Foundation), in conjunction with (the ASA), invites new researchers to submit proposals in competition for one grant underwritten by an endowment fund in memory of the late Dennis Klatt, noted researcher and scientist in the area of speech communication. The Speech Science Research Grant is designed to further research activities of new investigators and to promote Dr. Klatt's work. It can be used to initiate new research or supplement an existing research study. Funds may be requested for a variety of purposes--for example, equipment, subjects, research assistants, or research-related travel. The applicant must have completed a PhD or equivalent research doctorate within the past five years (since 2015).

This is a $10,000 grant opportunity. 

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