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How to Use DocuSign for Committee Approval Requests

best practices
By Janet Duke on January 24, 2020

The Graduate College is now using DocuSign for Committee Approval Requests. This applies to both the Individual (one time) Student Committee form and 5-year Program Approvals. The process will remain the same for those applying to join Graduate Faculty.

Download the PDF: How to Use DocuSign for Committee Approval Requests


The Graduate College uses DocuSign for the committee approval process. This process applies to One Time/Individual committee requests, Five Year/Blanket, and Graduate Faculty committee requests.

Please be aware that DocuSign times out after a short period of time of inactivity. If the document is closed or has timed out, initiate a new form submission. The form cannot be saved and complete at a later time.


  1. Click here and locate the appropriate link to launch the DocuSign process for One-Time/Individual approval, Five Year/Blanket approval or Graduate Faculty committee requests.

  2. Complete the PowerForm Signer Information.

  • The Requester is the person initiating the form.

  • The Head of the Academic Unit is the individual in the unit who is authorized to approve a

    committee request prior to sending it to the Graduate College.

  • After filling out the information, click on Begin Signing.

  1. If this is the first time starting a DocuSign form, click the box to agree to use electronic records and signatures and then click Continue. If you have submitted a DocuSign form in the past, click Continue.

  2. Complete the form.

    1. Provide the following information about the nominee:

      • Nominee’s name
      • Date of birth (not required for current ASU faculty/staff)
      • 10-digit ASU ID
      • Email address
      • Current job title
      • Role nominee will hold on committee (chair, co-chair, or member)

    2. Provide the following student information to complete the process of requesting an Individual Student Committee request:

      • Student name
      • 10-digit student ID • Email address
      • Student plan code

    3. Provide a brief justification for the request.

    4. Click on the red paperclip to upload the nominee’s resume:

      • Select upload and click Continue. Do not use fax feature. • Click Done when the file has been uploaded.

  3. Review the required fields to make sure they are all filled out.

  4. Verify that the resume has uploaded correctly.

  5. Click Finish at the top of the screen.

Next Steps

  1. After clicking Finish, the Head of the Academic Unit of the Authorized Signer will receive an email with a link that will allow them to approve or reject the committee approval request.

  2. If approved, the DocuSign form and resume are routed to the Graduate College for approval.

  3. If the committee approval request is approved by the Graduate College, the request is entered into


  4. The Requester will receive an email indicating that the request was approved.

  5. The Requester can inform the student that their committee approval request and the nominee can now

    be added to their committee.

Always feel free to contact your Graduate Support Coordinator if you have any questions.