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Graduate College Business Services

The Business Office provides business services for Graduate College including processing all order/purchase requests, reimbursements, travel claims, invoice payments, order follow-ups, state and local account reconciliation and fund verifications.

Contact Us

Graduate College Business Office
Arizona State University
Interdisciplinary B, Suite 285
1120 South Cady Mall
Tempe, AZ 85287-1003

Phone: 480-965-5873
Fax: 480-965-0375


Katrina Roalson, Director, Fiscal Business Services
INTDS B285F, 480-965-7627, 

Jenny Aguero, Business Operations Specialist
INTDSB 285F, 480-965-9190 

Savannah Barragan, Business Operations Specialist, Sr
INTDSB 285, 480-965-5873  


How do I place an order? Place your order using one of the methods below.

Submit a Purchase request form

Thoroughly fill out the Graduate College Purchasing request form and turn into the INTDS B285 office or submit via email to  Please include a quote (if applicable) along with the business purpose and account number.

ASU Sunrise system

Sunrise is an online ASU system in which orders can be placed with various vendors. It is highly recommended that researchers obtain access to the ASU Sunrise purchasing system. This method is beneficial in avoiding discrepancies with orders and ensuring accuracy, especially chemical orders.

Purchasing Card

If you have a purchasing card, you can place the order directly with the vendor as long as it is not on the restricted pcard list.  However, we request you receive pre-approval from the Business Office.

Important information regarding orders

All requests are processed within a 48 hour turn-around time. Make sure to allow enough time for processing and shipping when placing orders. Please avoid waiting until the last minute to turn in requests. At times you may need to process an order from a vendor that we have not previously ordered from. This may delay the order by a few extra days as we communicate with the vendor to get their information into the ASU system. Please be very specific when supplying us with the information regarding the vendor.

Computer/Software purchases

Please submit a ticket via ASU Service Now prior to making any computer or software purchase requests.

Please do not purchase a computer or laptop outside of ASU with the expectation of being reimbursed for your expense. All computers need to be purchased through ASU and paid directly through an ASU account.

Equipment orders

If you are placing an order for equipment that is over $1000 exclusive of tax and shipping, and this item will be used for research only, it is possible that it will be tax exempt. Please include a completed tax-exempt form (PDF) with your purchase request.

Orders over $5000

If you would like to process an order over $5000.00, please contact the business office as additional forms may be needed and is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the details of the order and quote provided from the vendor.



If it is necessary for you to make a purchase using personal funds, please turn in the original itemized receipt(s) along with the completed reimbursement form to the Business Office.

Reimbursements over $1000 require additional approvals by the Dean, Vice President and the Director of ASU purchasing. These should be avoided by submitting your purchase requests through the Business Office.

Reimbursements for food

To get reimbursed for food, please include an itemized receipt and a completed Business Meals form with your request. Alcohol expenses will not be reimbursed as they are prohibited on ASU accounts.


Foreign and Domestic Travel

Travel requests must be submitted and approved prior to leaving for your trip. This is extremely important for insurance purposes, even if you are not going to be claiming any expenses for a reimbursement. The ASU Travel website includes a travel guide which includes important information for you to review before you travel.

P-cards should not be used for any travel related expenses.

Our travel management services agency is Anthony Travel. Reservations booked through this service can be paid directly by the Business Office and charged to your ASU account.

Accessing Travel Requests

For all travel, please use My ASU Trip, which can be accessed via your MyASU portal.  You will need to make a travel request and once that has been submitted, you can book your travel thru the Concur portal. 

Graduate College faculty, staff and administrators and students utilizing funding through Graduate College should select Jenny Aguero as Account Approver and Katrina Roalson as ATO.

Group travel is completed on a separate form.

Upon return from your trip, please complete the expense summary online and upload all applicable receipts.

Travel Awards

For information, please visit the Graduate College Travel Award program page.

Graduate Research Support Program Guidelines


A candidate for grant allocations must be enrolled as a student at Arizona State University at the time of application and for the specified one-year funding period. The student must intend to complete her/his degree at Arizona State University.


Two levels of funding will be available: terminal (dissertation/thesis) and independent research.

Up to $2000 is available for research approved by the student’s dissertation or thesis committee.

Graduate students conducting research other than the terminal project in their regular curriculum may apply for up to $750.

Students may not apply simultaneously for both categories; only one proposal is accepted for review. Furthermore, only one award may be granted per degree (i.e., an applicant may not receive a terminal research grant for his/her thesis or dissertation more than once, however s/he may receive the $2,000 terminal research award for both a thesis project and also a dissertation project). The total amount requested in a proposal may not be awarded in full.

Only expenditures purchased within the one-year grant period (July 1 through June 30 of the current academic year) will be approved.

Funds will expire June 30, 2017.

Allowed Expenses

Research expenses may be purchased directly by Graduate College or reimbursable.  These items may include, but are not limited to:

Purchases made directly by Graduate College:

  • Equipment rental
  • Materials and supplies
  • Professional services for data analysis, typing, transcription, or coping which exceed a total cost of $1000

Reimbursable expenses

Purchasing and Reimbursements

  • Subject incentives, including consumable items such as food, and cash or cash equivalent (maximum $25.00 per participant per session, not to exceed $100 to participant in a calendar year; cash or equivalent is acceptable for GRSP
  • Travel to research facilities to collect pertinent data or conduct research
  • Per diem (meals) while in travel status
  • Professional services for data analysis, typing, transaction, or copying with a total cost below $1000

Please contact Savannah Barragan for details at 480-965-5873 or

  • ASU PURCHASE ORDERS AND LAB SERVICES: Contact us if you need to pay an ASU shop, lab, or department, (i.e., CLAS research labs – Research Billing Centers (RTS), Print Labs, Lab Stores, Animal Care); you will primarily be purchasing materials from lab stores or the ASU SunRise system; or, you must order research materials that require special handling, (e.g., chemicals, radioactive materials, live animals or perishables, heavy freight).
    • Reimbursements require original receipts. A receipt should demonstrate the name & business address of the merchant, the items purchased, and proof of payment. Receipts must be taped to 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper. Any justification / business purpose for an expense must be noted beside the receipt. Write your name, ASU ID and phone number on all documents you submit to us.
    • If payment is made by personal check, ASU requires proof that the check cleared your account with a photocopy of the front & back of the cancelled check, or bank statement with the charge circled.
  • PAYING PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDERS (e.g., translation, transcription, typing, programming, website development)
    • Employees of ASU may not be used as service providers. ASU distinguishes between employees and independent contractors.   An employee of ASU must be paid through ASU Payroll. Payment of wages is not supported by this research grant.
    • Submit Paperwork for approval before you engage professional services. You will need to submit three (3) forms: Departmental Professional Services Order, Employee/Independent Contractor Determination Checklist and Substitute W-9 form so that direct payment to the vendor can be made through ASU Accounts Payable. Contact Katrina for copies of the forms.
    • It’s preferred that you pay professional service providers through ASU Accounts Payable for tax reporting purposes in compliance with university policy FIN 420-01. With prior authorization students may procure goods or services directly from a vendor and request reimbursement from ASU if these 3 conditions are met:
      • total payments to the vendor in a calendar year are less than $1000
      • any purchase of items do not constitute compensation for services rendered , and
      • an original vendor’s receipt, or invoice marked paid, is provided at the time of requesting the reimbursement.
    • You must submit an ASU trip request form for all travel expenses. Go to the ASU Travel page for reimbursement and expense guidelines and forms: or
      • Concur will populate your lodging per diem rates before you make your reservations.
      • Keep receipts for hotel, airfare, and shuttle or taxi.
      • Gas receipts are only reimbursed for rental vehicles. Submit a mileage expense for use of personal vehicles. Mileage is reimbursed at .445 cents per mile for use of personal vehicles (in-state).
    • Submit your Travel Expense Report Claim (TP) online with MyASU Trip with all receipts as soon as you return from your trip to expedite your reimbursement. If you properly submit an accurate claim, you will be reimbursed within 10 working days.  
    • If you already have an trip request started with another dept., please have the Travel Manager for your trip request contact Katrina Roalson so that your Travel Authorization can be amended to include the GRSP account funding. It is your responsibility to make sure that the GPSA/Graduate College information is added to your Travel Trip prior to your trip.
    • You can get help filling out a ASU Trip Request form at the Graduate College Business Office, INTDSB 285 or email
    • Paying Subjects directly by ASU Check:
      • Use the department Subject Payment Check Request Form. Contact Katrina for a copy of the form.  Payments/Reimbursements will be processed through the Graduate College business office.
    • Reimbursements/Gift Cards/ Studies with Confidentiality Constraints
      • Gift certificates cannot be given to professional service providers or research staff (e.g., volunteers, or helpers); must be used for research participants.
      • You may not seek reimbursement for unused gift certificates. If you pay participants out-of-pocket and claim reimbursement for your expenses, then the following documentation is required for cash payments and gift cards or incentive items:
      • Prepare a cover letter of explanation about why you need reimbursed for cash payments or gift cards that includes:
        • the name of your study,
        • the IRB# assigned to your study
        • statement that the funds were paid to subjects participating in a graduate research project.
        • state how funds were secured while in your custody
        • The letter will be forwarded to Accounts Payable attached to the receipts and request for reimbursement. 

Requests for research expenses must include a justifiable budget with a detailed description of anticipated expenses within each category; justification is essential in the case of subject incentives. In the event that the Graduate Research Support Program cannot award a full grant, it is advisable that the applicants note funding priorities on the justified budget.

Prohibited Expenses

The Graduate Research Support Program will not reimburse/approve the following:

  • Equipment purchase (no laptops, no camera, etc.)
  • Reimbursements for expenses greater than or equal to $1,000
  • Tuition or remuneration of time spent on project
  • Conference travel (although travel for data collection is allowed)
  • Terminal publication charges (e.g., binding/printing of thesis or dissertation, etc.)
  • Services provided by ASU employees, which include research assistants and students


Written requests for budget changes and funding extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests for grant extensions, budget changes and extensions must be submitted for approval to Katrina Roalson, Director, Fiscal Business Services for Graduate College via email:

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Fellowships begin either in summer or fall based on NSF’s award notification. 

Benefits Include:

  • $34,000 stipend from the National Science Foundation, paid thru Graduate College
  • Institutional support
    • Resident tuition or Graduate Nonresident tuition based on residency classification
    • ASU Student Health insurance: registration via My ASU website fall semester will automatically trigger spring’s ASU student health enrollment
    • $750 in research/educational expenses if requested; contact us at or 480-965-5873 with questions
      • Funds can be used for research supplies and/or travel.  
      • If you want to purchase supplies, you can submit a request to us and we will process the order for you. 
      • If you choose to use the funds for travel, contact Savannah Barragan at for assistance.
    • Summer graduate tuition: registration’s balance due covered up to a total of 6 graduate-level credits for summer term

Please note:

  • Responsible Conduct of Research training is mandatory for all NSF fellows; therefore, please go to the following website and check next training date(s):
  • For fellowship stipends ASU has no tax reporting or tax withholding responsibilities unless the student is a nonresident for US tax reporting purposes. Please refer to the information for graduate fellowships on the Graduate College website with regards to income tax considerations

NSF Coordinating Official for ASU - Katrina Roalson, Director, Fiscal Business Services, 480-965-7627,

Human Resources


Leave Reporting

Guideline and Responsibilities of Employee Time Reporting

Both the employee and his or her immediate supervisor are responsible for accurate reporting of employee time and attendance.   TAS is a pre-approval system and a supplement to PeopleSoft, not a replacement.

Employees should first be entering their time in TAS for pre-approval.  This includes sick and vacation time as well as worked hours for hourly employees (including student workers).   Second, employees should enter their time in PeopleSoft.

Department Time Administrators (DTA), Katrina Roalson, will process the final approval of time in PeopleSoft only after the supervisor’s approval is applied in TAS.   

NOTE: If PeopleSoft and TAS do no match, DTA will email both the employee and the supervisor to make corrections. We will no longer be making corrections for you as your time is your responsibility. The deadline is Thursday at 12 noon for entering time and leave requests.

Process for Entering Hours

Non-exempt (hourly) employees including student workers

  • Hourly employees should input their hours worked in TAS and PeopleSoft.  In addition, they should submit TAS request for sick, vacation, jury duty, bereavement, etc. This should be done every week prior to Thursday at 12pm.
  • All entries should match in both systems.

Exempt (salary) employees

  • Submit TAS request for sick, vacation, jury duty, bereavement, etc.  This should be done every week prior to Thursday at 12pm.
  • All entries should match in both systems.


  • Go to
  • Enter your ASURITE and Password
  • Select a type of request
  • Select the requested time for that type
  • Enter the number of hours requested
  • Click “Submit Request”


  • Go to My ASU/My Employment and then to “Time/Time and Leave Reporting”
  • Non-Exempt (hourly) employees enter the number of hours worked for each day and Time Reporting Code (STH for student hours and HRY for staff).
  • Exempt (salary) employees enter the number of hours taken for sick, vacation, etc.  for each day and Time Reporting Code (SCK for sick and VAC for vacation, etc.).
  • Click on “Submit”

Check Your Hours

  • Do your entries for time off in TAS match those in PeopleSoft?  TIP: Under your “My Requests’ tab in TAS, click on “Time Report” and this will show you what you have entered in both TAS and PeopleSoft systems.
  • Have you entered your hours worked (hourly staff and student workers)
  • Was your time entered before the deadline?
  • Did your supervisor approve your hours before the deadline?

If you have any questions or need training for any of your staff, please see Katrina Roalson.

How do I hire an hourly student?

Please send Katrina Roalson, a Hourly Student Hiring Form (link below) completed with the following information at least two weeks in advance of the desired start date to process the job posting in the recruitment system:

  • Please use the Hourly Student Hiring Form to request a hire and include the following information:
    • Requested Start date and expected end date
      • The start date must be a future date and allow enough time for the recruitment process to be completed and to get HR approval.  The student cannot start working until we have approval, which could take one-two weeks from the time we receive all of the information.
    • FTE/hours per week
    • Hourly pay rate
    • Account number to pay from (if known)
    • A brief job description (a few sentences is fine)
    • Qualifications:  Include very specific criteria including requirements for a specific program/major, specific courses taken and if there is a specific grade required for course (B or better, etc.), if there are specific areas that they need to have prior experience in, please list.
  • Return the completed hiring form to Katrina and if you are sending this electronically, please send to You can sign the form electronically or include your approval in the email.
  • Once the job is posted, Katrina will let you know what the job posting number is so you can let interested students know to apply to this specific job posting in order to be considered.
  • The student will be required to fill out a new employee payroll packet including an I-9 form within their first three days of employment and submit to ASU Human Resources (if they do not currently have an active position).
  • Student worker job postings must remain up for at least two days or until 3 applicants have applied before we can make a hire.
  • We are required to enter interview notes and indicate the reason why you selected the student for hire into the recruitment system before we are able to offer the job in the system.  The hire will be on hold until we receive this information from you.
  • There are several approvals/verifications during the process that involve central HR and the Student Employment/Financial Aid office, so this process will take up to two weeks if we are waiting on the student to apply or for other required information and approvals.
  • Students will receive their offer letter through the recruitment system and accept electronically towards the end of the recruitment/hiring process in order for their appointment to be processed in the payroll system.


International Students can only work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year to include all positions they are employed in.

All students are limited to 25 hours or less per week between all positions during the academic year in order to be in compliance with ASU’s guidelines and rules surrounding the Affordable Care Act and limitations on hours worked in non-benefits eligible positions.

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