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Purchasing and reimbursements

Submit a Expenditure/Payment Request Form (EPRF) for both purchases and reimbursements.

Fill out the EPRF form and submit via email to grad-purchasing@asu.edu.   If you are requesting a food purchase, please include a Business Meals Form with your request. 

If it is necessary for you to make a purchase using personal funds, please turn in the original itemized receipt(s) along with the completed EPRF form to the Business Office, located in INTDSB 285.

  • Reimbursements over $1000 require additional approvals by the Dean, Vice President and the Director of ASU purchasing. These should be avoided by submitting your purchase requests through the Business Office.
  • Reimbursements for food -  To get reimbursed for food, please include an itemized receipt and a completed Business Meals Form with your request. Alcohol expenses will not be reimbursed as they are prohibited on ASU accounts.

Important information regarding purchases and reimbursements

All requests are processed within a 48 hour turn-around time. Make sure to allow enough time for processing and shipping when submitting requests. Please avoid waiting until the last minute to turn in requests. At times you may need to process an order from a vendor that we have not previously ordered from. This may delay the order by a few extra days as we communicate with the vendor to get their information into the ASU system. Please be very specific when supplying us with the information regarding the vendor.