Graduate College

Completion Fellowship


Through faculty mentorship, the Completion Fellowship is a merit-based award to support degree completion of outstanding graduate students enrolled in an immersion (on-campus) graduate program, in their last semester or last year of graduate school.  Students must be nominated by their academic unit.


November 13, 2017 (for Spring 2018)

March 12, 2018 (for Fall 2018)

April 9, 2018 (for Summer 2018)

Note: Schools should submit no more than five ranked nominations.


  • Fall - $8,500 plus tuition for 1 credit hour
  • Spring - $8,500 plus tuition for 1 credit hour
  • Summer - $3,500 (no tuition) however student should be enrolled for 1 credit hour
  • Student health insurance - provided by the academic unit for awarded term(s)

International awardees should consult with the ASU International Students webpage for current immigration regulations on last semester enrollment, or email them at

Note: Mandatory fees, program fees or any other fees are not covered as part of the fellowship


The Graduate Completion Fellowship provides funding to graduate students in their last semester or year of their graduate program. Student must be enrolled in an immersion (on-campus) graduate program.  It is expected that recipients are in good academic standing and will have completed all course work for their degree and will only need to register for 1 credit hour.  Students should not be nominated for more than two terms.

Submission Procedures 

Graduate Faculty Program Director or designee, directs questions and submits completed nomination form electronically to

When submitting the documents, please type the name of the award and student’s last name in the subject line heading. For example: Completion Fellowship – Smith

Once all documents have been submitted, please allow 72 hours for document review and confirmation email from the graduate college office. If, after 72 hours, you have not received an email confirmation of nomination, please telephone 480-965-3530. 

The number of applications received will determine the turn-around time for awardee announcement. Once awardees have been selected, they will be notified by email.

Terms of Award

  • Student should enroll for a maximum of 1 credit hour each semester of award
  • Student should not be appointed as a TA/RA or hold any other form of employment within the university
  • Student should be able to finish degree according to the timeline submitted in application

Student and committee chair must submit a progress report at the end of each semester, to include final semester report. Report should include:

  • What goals were established for this past semester by student and faculty mentor/advisor and what progress was made in meeting these goals?
  • What are the goals and objectives for the next semester?
  • Describe overall professional growth and/or development activities completed since last report such as conference attendance, professional development or giving a talk.
  • Please provide in a non-technical (lay) language in a 200 word synopsis of your research/studies (i.e., impact research will have on social change).
  • In what way has funding had an impact on your graduate experience?


Important information


Each fellow is personally responsible for individual taxes related to this award. Additional information regarding tax issues related to awards can be found at tax considerations. Specific questions should be directed to a tax advisor or contact the ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

An "overaward" is when a student’s need based awards exceed his/her financial need, or the total of the awards exceeds the cost of attendance. If a student has been overawarded, federal regulations require ASU to adjust his/her awards which may result in a reduction in awards or a bill. Need based aid include grants, scholarships, Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Loans,  and outside resources (i.e. faculty/staff tuition benefits, scholarships, stipends, etc.). Non-need based aid includes unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Graduate PLUS Loans and Private Education Loans. Questions regarding overawards should be directed to the ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.