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CYD: After your defense

After your defense

Items and steps required in order to graduate
Now that you have passed your defense, you will want to complete the following steps. Please remember to refer to the "deadlines" tab to keep in mind the graduation deadlines as they become critical at this step in the graduation process.

Complete your format and committee revisions

Most students have some form of both format revisions required by the Graduate College and revisions required by the committee/chair. You will want to begin working on these soon after your defense. Keep in contact with the Format Advisors at and keep your email inbox clear for communication from them.

Submit the signed Pass/Fail form

Please follow the steps outlined below in regards to your Pass/Fail form:

  1. Ensure the Pass/Fail form has all the required signatures of your chair and all committee members (if you had any sort of revisions, there is a section at the bottom of the form for your chair to sign to confirm that you have completed all revisions)
  2. Make a copy for yourself and for your graduate support staff (Graduate College will not copy the form for you)
  3. Submission of the signed Report for Master's Thesis/Practicum Defense form or the Report for Doctoral Dissertation Defense form (commonly called the Pass/Fail form): Only the committee chair/co-chair or graduate support staff may email the Pass/Fail form to, or students may hand-deliver the Pass/Fail form to the Graduate College, Tempe campus, Interdisciplinary B (INTDSB), room 288.

Submit final document to UMI/ProQuest

You must have completed the following before you can upload to ProQuest:

  1. Signed Pass/Fail form submitted to the Graduate College (all revisions required by committee/chair must be completed at this point)
  2. Receive approval from the Graduate College (Ready for ETD/ProQuest) to upload to ProQuest

Please remember to refer to the "deadlines" tab to keep in mind the graduation deadlines for submitting Pass/Fail forms and uploading to ProQuest.


At the time of your defense, your committee should determine if public release of your document will be delayed for a maximum of two years to protect any of the following reasons:

  • information of commercial value
  • patentable rights
  • sensitive or classified information
  • academic or commercial press from acquiring publishing rights
  • other relevant scholarly issues related to the release of your work

The Delaying Publication of Your Theses/Dissertation (Embargo Status form) must be submitted along with your completed Pass/Fail form to the Graduate College in order for your Thesis or Dissertation to be embargoed.

Once the 2-year ASU embargo expires, full documents are available through the ASU Digital Repository. If you would like to extend your embargo through ASU for 2 additional years, please contact the Graduate College by email *Please note: The maximum allowed time to embargo your document is 4 years. As a product of Arizona State University, all ASU Theses/Dissertations will be released through the ASU Digital Repository once the embargo time limit has expired.

IMPORTANT: Embargoing through ProQuest is separate from embargoing through ASU. If you would like to secure an indefinite embargo from ProQuest on your theses/dissertation then you must have successfully completed all requirements and graduated. You may then submit a request directly to ProQuest, either by email ( or by telephone (800-521-0600, ext. 77020).

Submission Instructions: Please scan and electronically send the form (only chair/co-chair or academic unit support staff) to OR the student may hand-deliver the signed form to the Graduate College, Interdisciplinary B-Room 288 (Tempe Campus). Please ensure the graduate support staff receives a copy for departmental records.