Graduate College

Defense Calendar

Week of July 23 - 29, 2017Tuesday, July 259:00 am
Natural Correlations of Timbre Color and Their Contribution to Auditory Scene Analysis
Kristopher Patten
Psychology (PHD)
PSYN 320
Friday, July 289:30 am
Assessing Disparity in the Federal Court Processing of Immigration Cases: A Cumulative Disadvantage Approach
Laura Beckman
Criminology and Criminal Justice (PHD)
Saturday, July 299:00 am
Study on the Impetus of Corporate Management in the Development of Law Firm
Ping Zhu
Global Financial Management (DBA)
SAIF 1006
10:15 am
Research on Financing Cost of SMB in P2P Lending Platform
Junxia Ren
Global Financial Management (DBA)
SAIF 1006
11:30 am
Research on Risk Prevention and Supervision of Financial Assets Trading Platform
Chaojun Xu
Global Financial Management (DBA)
Week of July 30 - August 05, 2017Tuesday, August 013:00 pm
Next generation of Magneto-Dielectric Antennas and optimum flux channels
Tara Yousefi
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
Friday, August 041:00 pm
Learning and Retention of Novel Words in Musicians and Non-Musicians: The Impact of Enriched Auditory Experience On Behavioral and Electrophysiologic Outcomes
Elizabeth Stewart
Speech and Hearing Science (PHD)
COOR 3501
Week of August 13 - 19, 2017Monday, August 1410:30 am
Constraining the Onset and Duration of the Epoch of Reionization (EoR) by Hardware Improvement and Data Analysis of the Experiment to Detect the Global EoR Signature
Thomas Mozdzen
Astrophysics (PHD)
ISTB4 240
1:30 pm
Design of an Analog to Digital Converter for Precision and Voltage Monitoring Applications with Three Calibration Techniques in 10nm Technology
Brooke Schmelter
Electrical Engineering (MS)
GWC 305
Wednesday, August 168:30 am
Novel operation of granular activated carbon for removal of disinfection byproducts precursors
Natalia Fischer
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
ISTB4 396
2:30 pm
Water Proximity and Its Effect On Consumption: In A Corporate Setting
Kelsi Wildermuth
Nutrition (MS)
Week of August 20 - 26, 2017Tuesday, August 2211:00 am
Distributed Teaching and Learning in Pokemon Go
Kelly Tran
Learning, Literacies and Technologies (PHD)
EDB 136A
Wednesday, August 2310:00 am
High Slew-Rate Adaptive Biasing Hybrid Envelope Tracking Supply Modulator for LTE Applications
Yue Jing
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
ISTB4 555A
Week of September 10 - 16, 2017Tuesday, September 1210:00 am
GaP/Si integrated solar cells via MBE
Chaomin Zhang
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
Week of October 29 - November 04, 2017Wednesday, November 0110:00 am
Planetary Science and Science Pedagogy
Jude Viranga Dingatantrige Perera
Geological Sciences (PHD)
ISTB4 240