Graduate College

Defense Calendar

Week of May 21 - 27, 2017Friday, May 2610:00 am
Data Analysis and Experimental Design for Accelerated Life Testing with Heterogeneous Group Effects
Kangwon Seo
Industrial Engineering (PHD)
10:00 am
Effects of Structural Uncertainty on the Dynamic Response of Nearly-Straight Pipes Conveying Fluid: Modeling and Numerical Validation
Shrinil Viral Shah
Mechanical Engineering (MS)
3:30 pm
Examining the Role of Linguistic Flexibility in the Text Production Process
Laura Allen
Psychology (PHD)
EDB 129
Week of May 28 - June 03, 2017Tuesday, May 3010:30 am
One Good Tweet Deserves Another: Essays on Firm Response to Positive Word of Mouth on Social Media
Scott Cowley
Business Administration (Marketing) (PHD)
BAC 445
Wednesday, May 319:00 am
Previous Knowledge and Situational Approval of Restricted Housing
Chelsea Ruffner
Criminology and Criminal Justice (MS)
1:00 pm
Effects of Phase Transformation and Dynamic Material Strength on Hydrodynamic Instability Evolution In Metals
Saul Opie
Mechanical Engineering (PHD)
Thursday, June 0110:00 am
Contemporary Oral Tradition: A Bicycle Story for the People
Kenneth Dyer-Redner
American Indian Studies (Indigenous Rights and Social Justice) (MS)
LIB 209
4:30 pm
Novel Pilot Directional Protection for the FREEDM Smart Grid System
Zhenmin Tang
Electrical Engineering (MS)
Friday, June 022:00 pm
Integrating Spatial Constraints and Biotic Interactions to Assess the Costs of Thermoregulation by Lizards
Travis Rusch
Biology (PHD)
LSE 244
Week of June 04 - 10, 2017Monday, June 0510:00 am
Decision-Making and Firearm Removal Legislation on Civil Domestic Violence Protection Orders in Arizona
Mikaela Wallin
Women and Gender Studies (MA)
1:00 pm
Different Concerns for Different Careers: Discerning the Barriers and Opportunities that Characterize Doctoral Student Career Trajectories
Amy Dawson
Counseling Psychology (PHD)
EDB 444
Tuesday, June 0610:00 am
Introduction to Social Justice-oriented Arts-based Inquiry
Connie Hahne
Leadership and Innovation (EDD)
Wednesday, June 078:30 am
Tiered Approach to Detect Nanomaterials in Food and Environmental Matrices
Jared Schoepf
Chemical Engineering (PHD)
10:00 am
Hay Moros en la Costa: The Imprint and Legacy of Islam in Puerto Rico and the Fiestas de Santiago Apostol
Lourdes Saez
Religious Studies (PHD)
COOR 6651
Thursday, June 089:00 am
Tracing the evolutionary histories of leprosy and tuberculosis using ancient DNA and phylogenomics methods
Tanvi Prasad Honap
Evolutionary Biology (PHD)
LSC 202
11:00 am
Towards a Hand-Held Multi-Biomarker Point-Of-Care Diagnostic to Quantify Traumatic Brain Injury
Brittney Cardinell
Biomedical Engineering (PHD)
ISTB1 227
Friday, June 098:00 am
Techno-Economic Analysis of a Concentrating Solar Power Plant Using Reduction/oxidation Metal Oxides for Thermochemical Energy Storage
Mariana Lopes
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
ISTB4 396
9:00 am
The Development and Application of a Sustainability Scale for Positive Youth Development Programs
Michael Sieng
Sustainability (PHD)
WGHL 323
10:00 am
Optimizing Heap Data Management on Software Managed Manycore Architectures
Jinn-Pean Lin
Computer Science (MS)
1:00 pm
Learning and retention of novel words in musicians and non-musicians: the impact of enriched auditory experience on behavioral and electrophysiologic outcomes
Elizabeth Stewart
Speech and Hearing Science (PHD)
COOR 3501
Week of June 11 - 17, 2017Monday, June 129:00 am
Relationship between surface dewpoint and precipitable water during the North American Monsoon
Paul Panhans
Geography (MA)
COOR 5501
Tuesday, June 132:00 pm
High Spatial Resolution 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Lunar Impact Melt Rocks
Cameron Mercer
Geological Sciences (PHD)
ISTB4 240
Wednesday, June 149:00 am
The Late Cenozoic climatic and tectonic evolution of the Mount Everest region, central Himalaya
Mary Schultz
Geological Sciences (PHD)
10:30 am
Identifying Explosive Transients and Implications for Gravitational Wave Folowup
Vahid Golkhou
Astrophysics (PHD)
GWC 505
Thursday, June 153:00 pm
Measuring Glide Reflection Symmetry in Human Movements
Chaitanya Potaraju
Electrical Engineering (MS)
Friday, June 168:30 am
Organics Treatment in Arizona Municipal Waters
Harsh Satishbhai Ashani
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MS)
ISTB4 396
10:00 am
The Diversity of Chemical Composition and the Effects on Stellar Evolution and Planetary Habitability
Amanda Truitt
Astrophysics (PHD)
ISTB4 692
12:00 pm
Targeted knockdown of MYC in AML cells using G-quadruplex interacting small molecules
Megan Turnidge
Molecular and Cellular Biology (MS)
LSE 244
Week of June 18 - 24, 2017Monday, June 1910:00 am
Mediation Analysis with a Survival Mediator: A Simulation Study on Different Indirect Effect Testing Methods
Han Joe Kim
Psychology (Quantitative Research Methods) (PHD)
PSYN 245
Tuesday, June 2011:00 am
The effect of fluid shear on pathogenesis-related phenotypes of non-typhoidal Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium ST313 A130
Ami Gutierrez-Jensen
Microbiology (MS)
BDB BioAud
Wednesday, June 2111:00 am
De-Escalation in Police-Citizen Encounters: A Mixed Methods Study of a Misunderstood Policing Strategy
Natalie Todak
Criminology and Criminal Justice (PHD)
Thursday, June 223:00 pm
Optimum Experimental Design Issues in Functional Neuroimaging Studies
Lin Zhou
Applied Mathematics (PHD)
WXLR 206
Week of June 25 - July 01, 2017Thursday, June 292:00 pm
Policy And Place: A Spatial Data Science Framework For Research And Decision-Making
Marynia Kolak
Geography (PHD)
COOR 5515
Friday, June 308:30 am
Novel operation of granular activated carbon for removal of disinfection byproducts precursors
Natalia Fischer
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (PHD)
ISTB4 396
Week of July 02 - 08, 2017Thursday, July 069:00 am
Predictors of performance on an iPad-based reading comprehension intervention among Spanish-speaking dual language learners at risk for reading comprehension delays
Ashley Adams
Speech and Hearing Science (PHD)
COOR 3501
Friday, July 0710:00 am
Exploration of a Scalable Holomorphic Embedding Method Formulation for Power System Analysis Applications
Shruti Dwarkanath Rao
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
Week of July 09 - 15, 2017Monday, July 1010:00 am
Digital Learning in the Wild: Re-Imagining New Ruralism, Digital Equity, and Deficit Discourses through the Thirdspace
Anna Cirell
Learning, Literacies and Technologies (PHD)
ED ED 425
Tuesday, July 119:00 am
Promoting Positive Teacher-Child Interactions: Examining the Influence of Teacher and Classroom Characteristics
Kristen Granger
Family and Human Development (PHD)
Week of July 16 - 22, 2017Monday, July 1710:00 am
The Impact of Recanted False Confession Types and Clarified Instructions on Jury Decision Making
Andrew Pollack
Psychology (MS)
FAB N101
11:00 am
Assessing Disparity in the Federal Court Processing of Immigration Cases: A Cumulative Disadvantage Approach
Laura Beckman
Criminology and Criminal Justice (PHD)
Week of August 20 - 26, 2017Wednesday, August 2310:00 am
High Slew-Rate Adaptive Biasing Hybrid Envelope Tracking Supply Modulator for LTE Applications
Yue Jing
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
ISTB4 555A
Week of September 10 - 16, 2017Tuesday, September 1210:00 am
GaP/Si integrated solar cells via MBE
Chaomin Zhang
Electrical Engineering (PHD)