Graduate College

Defense Calendar

Week of January 14 - 20, 2018Wednesday, January 179:30 am
Enhanced Reserve Procurement Policies for Power Systems with Increasing Penetration Levels of Stochastic Resources
Nikita Ghanshyam Singhal
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
3:00 pm
Improved Discrimination Between Tone and Context During Fear Extinction in Chronically Stressed Rats Provided with a Post-Stress Rest Period
Jessica Judd
Psychology (MA)
PSY 263
Thursday, January 181:00 pm
Correlative X-ray Microscopy Studies of CuIn1-xGaxSe2 Solar Cells
Bradley West
Electrical Engineering (PHD)
3:15 pm
Use of Large, Immunosignature Databases to Pose New Questions About Infection and Health Status
Lu Wang
Molecular and Cellular Biology (PHD)
BDA AL1-1014
Week of January 21 - 27, 2018Friday, January 2610:00 am
Advancements in Kinetic Inductance Detector, Spectrometer, and Amplifier Technologies for Millimeter-Wave Astronomy
George Che
Exploration Systems Design (Instrumentation) (PHD)
ISTB4 240
Week of January 28 - February 03, 2018Tuesday, January 3012:00 pm
Fundamentals and Applications of N-pulse Particle Image Velocimetry-accelerometry: Toward Advanced Measurements of Complex Flows and Turbulence
Liuyang Ding
Mechanical Engineering (PHD)
Friday, February 0211:00 am
The Optimal Control of Child Delivery for Women with Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
Aysegul Demirtas
Industrial Engineering (PHD)
12:00 pm
The Formation and Degradation of Planetary Surfaces: Impact Features and Explosive Volcanic Landforms on the Moon and Mars
Heather Meyer
Geological Sciences (PHD)
ISTB4 240
Week of February 04 - 10, 2018Wednesday, February 071:00 pm
Novel Methodology for Atomistically Informed Multiscale Modeling of Advanced Composites
Ashwin Rai
Aerospace Engineering (PHD)
Thursday, February 0812:00 pm
Frameshift Antigens for Cancer Vaccine Development
Jian Zhang
Molecular and Cellular Biology (PHD)
BDB 105
Friday, February 092:00 pm
Capable Copper Electrodeposition Process for Integrated Circuit - Substrate Packaging applications
Kousik Ganesan
Materials Science and Engineering (PHD)
ERC 490
Week of February 18 - 24, 2018Thursday, February 222:00 pm
Recycling Valuable Materials from Crystalline-Si Solar Modules
Wen-Hsi Huang
Materials Science and Engineering (PHD)
Week of February 25 - March 03, 2018Monday, February 2611:00 am
Blended Family Resilience: Communication Practices in Positive Adult Half Sibling Relationships
Bailey Oliver
Communication (PHD)
1:00 pm
Incorporating Social Network Variables into Relational Turbulence Theory: Popping the Dyadic Bubble
James Stein
Communication (PHD)
Wednesday, February 2812:00 pm
ALS Linked Mutations in Matrin 3 Alter Protein-Protein Interactions And Impede mRNA Nuclear Export
Ashley Boehringer
Neuroscience (PHD)
LSE 250
Week of April 08 - 14, 2018Friday, April 131:00 pm
Computational Fluid Dynamics of Various Wildlife Deterrent Devices Mechanically Affixed to Wind Turbines
Stephanie Booth
Mechanical Engineering (MS)