Graduate College

FGCO: Overview

Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (HLC/NCA)  has updated their guidelines for determining qualified faculty, which has created a challenge for some residential and adjunct faculty within the Maricopa Community College District. The good news is that there are great options at ASU for faculty to meet those guidelines. Whether you want a high-quality degree, certificate or just a few graduate credits, you will likely want to attend a reputable university, with high graduate program rankings. Tuition and fees are competitive, and vary based upon programs and other factors. ASU is committed to helping faculty from the Maricopa Community Colleges in whatever way we can. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Maricopa residential and adjunct faculty who need to supplement their graduate coursework to meet the HLC/NCA requirements are eligible for substantial graduate scholarships through ASU. 

face-to-face ($250/graduate credit)

Credit Hours Scholarship Amount
3 $750
6 $1,500
9 $2,250


online ($150/graduate credit)

Credit Hours Scholarship Amount
3 $450
6 $900
9 $1,350


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