Graduate College

FM: Appendices


Designate each appendix with a letter (“APPENDIX A”) or Roman numeral (“APPENDIX I”)

  1. Include a descriptive title in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
  2. Provide a separate cover page for each appendix (see figure below)
  3. No bold, italics, underline (used only for species, genre, book titles, musical compositions, or foreign words and phrases)
  4. List appendix titles in the table of contents (see table of contents page)
  5. If your research includes human subjects or animal subjects, you must include the appropriate approval documents in an appendix
  6. Any copyright permission should also be included
  7. If you are including non-print media as one or more appendices, include a cover page for each element with the text “[Consult Attached Files]” below the appendix title. If a specific software or operating system is required to view the non-print media, the following line should make a note of it.

Image example for FM: Appendices