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Graduate College at ASU

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Thrive in ASU’s dynamic graduate community and jumpstart your career and leadership in the global workforce. In addition to expert training in your field, we offer tools to help you shape your journey, from extraordinary opportunities in mentoring and intensive professional development to key steps for completing a degree and more.

More than 77,000 ASU students earned their master’s, doctorates and professional law degrees in the last 10 years. Take a look at their impact locally, nationally and globally.

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Discover the many reasons Graduate students thrive at ASU!

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Graduate events are happening across all ASU campuses. Come join us!


An engineering workforce that reflects the makeup of a global society can better design the electronics, software, infrastructure and other systems...

You’re at your front door, engaged in the universal human pastime of judging the neighbors. There’s Perfect Guy. His lawn looks like a flawless green...

For a team of 10 Arizona State University computer science and software engineering students, a Starbucks technology internship means considerably...

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