Graduate College

Engineering Education Systems and Design PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Allenby, BradenPresident's Professor Chair480/727-8594
Bansal, SrividyaAssoc Professor Chair480/727-5107
Bekki, JenniferAssoc Professor Chair480/727-5127
Branaghan, RussellAssoc Professor Chair480/727-1390
Brunhaver, SamanthaAsst Professor Chair480/727-1883
Carberry, AdamAssoc Professor Chair480/727-5122
Chiou, ErinAsst Professor Chair
Coley, BrookeAsst Professor Chair480/727-2564
Cooke, NancyProfessor Chair480/727-5158
Craig, ScottyAsst Professor Chair480/727-1006
Grau Torrent, DavidAsst Professor Chair480/727-0665
Gray, RobertAssoc Professor Chair480/727-1419
Henderson, MarkProfessor Chair480/727-1062
Hosman, LauraAsst Professor Chair
Hsiao, IhanAsst Professor Chair
Johnson, NathanAsst Professor Chair480/727-5271
Jordan, ShawnProfessor Chair480/727-1405
Kellam, NadiaAssoc Professor Chair480/727-1917
Krause, StephenProfessor Chair480/965-2050
Lande, MicahAsst Professor Chair480/727-1063
London, JeremiAsst Professor Chair480/727-1339
McKenna, AnnSchool Dir (ACD) & Professor Chair480/727-5121
Middleton, JamesProfessor Chair480/965-1233
Morrell, DarrylAssoc Professor Chair480/727-1123
Nelson, BrianProfessor Chair480/965-0383
Niemczyk, MaryAssoc Professor Chair480/727-1595
Phelan, PatrickAssistant Dean of Graduate Pro Chair480/965-1625
Reisslein, MartinProfessor Chair480/965-8593
Roscoe, RodAsst Professor Chair480/727-2760
Seager, ThomasAssoc Professor Chair
Sohoni, SohumAsst Professor Chair480/727-1590
Wiezel, AviAssistant Dean for Facilities Chair480/965-4121
Wu, BingAsst Professor Chair480/727-3716