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Speech and Hearing Science PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Artiles, AlfredoDean & Professor Member480/965-7279
Azuma, TamikoAssoc Professor Chair480/965-9455
Baxter, LeslieAdjunct Faculty Member602/284-1178
Berisha, VisarAsst Professor Chair480/747-6455
Braden, BrittanyAsst Professor Chair480/727-3414
Brewer, GeneAssoc Professor Member480/965-2155
Daliri, AyoubAsst Professor Chair480/727-8397
Dorman, MichaelProfessor Emeritus Chair480/965-3345
Fabes, RichardSchool Dir & Professor Member480/965-4892
Goldinger, StephenProfessor Member480/965-0127
Green, SamuelProfessor Member480/727-6557
Helms Tillery, StephenAssoc Professor Member480/965-0753
Ingram, DavidProfessor Chair480/965-7525
Lai, Ying-ChengProfessor Member480/965-6668
Lavoie, MichaelFaculty Assoc Member602/933-0414
Levy, RoyAssoc Professor Member480/727-9808
Liss, JulieAssoc Dean & Professor Chair480/965-9136
Liu, LiAsst Professor Member480/727-9813
Luo, XinAsst Professor Chair480/965-9251
Marley, ScottAssoc Professor Chair
Perry, NancyAsc Dean + Clinical Asc Prof Member602/543-6330
Peter, BeateAsst Professor Chair
Pittman, AndreaAssoc Professor Chair480/727-8728
Reddy, CorianneAsst Professor Chair
Reiser, MarkAssoc Professor Member480/965-5486
Restrepo, MariaProfessor Chair480/727-8795
Santello, MarcoSchool Dir (ACD) & Professor Member480/965-8279
Scherer, NancyChair (FSC) & Professor Chair480/965-2905
Smith, ChristopherGraduate External Committee - Southwest Autism Research and Resource CenterCo-Chair
Swadener, ElizabethProfessor Member480/965-1452
Thompson, MarilynProfessor Member480/727-6924
Wilcox, MarthaProfessor Chair480/965-0158
Yost, WilliamResearch Professor (FSC) Chair480/727-7148
Zhou, YiAsst Professor Chair480/727-0650