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History and Philosophy of Science PhD

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Name Title Email Address Endorsement Phone
Armendt, BradAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/965-5695
Chew, MatthewInstructor Co-Chair480/965-8422
Collins, JamesProfessor Chair480/965-4578
Corley, ElizabethProfessor Member602/496-0462
Creath, RichardPresident's Professor Chair480/965-6270
Ellison, KarinAdministrative Professional Chair480/727-7111
Franz, NicoProfessor Chair480/965-2036
Gereboff, JoelAssoc Professor Member480/965-7738
Gibson, AbrahamPostdoc Rsrch Assoc FSC 2008 Co-Chair
Guston, DavidCenter Dir & Professor Member480/727-8829
Hackett, EdwardEmeritus Professor Member480/965-6561
Hirt, PaulProfessor of History Member480/727-9084
Hoffman, StevenEmeritus Professor Member480/965-7024
Honegger, GittaProfessor Member
Hurlbut, JamesAssoc Professor Chair
Jones, ChristopherAssoc Professor of History Member480/965-5264
Kimbel, WilliamCenter Dir & Professor Co-Chair480/727-6582
Kinzig, AnnProfessor Member480/965-6838
Kobes, BernardAssoc Professor Co-Chair480/965-5778
Koblitz, AnnEmeritus Professor Member480/965-8483
Laubichler, ManfredDir & President's Profr Chair480/965-5481
Lynch, JohnPrinc Lect RMY+Hon Fac Fellow Member480/727-7042
Maienschein, JaneRegents Professor (FSC) Chair480/965-6105
Marchant, GaryExec Dir & Regent's Professor Member480/965-3246
Martin, ThomasPrinc Lect RMY+Hon Fac Fellow Member480/727-6720
Miller, ClarkAsc Dir (FSC) & Professor Member480/965-1778
Minteer, BenProfessor Chair480/965-4632
Perrings, CharlesProfessor Member480/727-0472
Pigg, KathleenProfessor Chair480/965-3154
Pyne, StephenRegents Professor Chair480/965-4092
Robert, JasonCenter Dir (ACD) & Asc Profsr Chair480/727-2460
Sarewitz, DanielCenter Dir & Professor Member202/446-0386
Smith, AndrewEmeritus Professor Member480/965-4024
Sterner, BeckettAsst Professor Chair480 727 7881
Stromberg, JulietAssoc Professor Member602/592-8643
Sylvester, EdwardEmeritus Professor Member602/496-4210
Tillman, HoytProfessor, Chinese History Co-Chair480/965-2480
Wetmore, JamesonAssoc Professor Chair480/727-0750
White, MichaelEmeritus Professor Co-Chair4809650105 9650219