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Professional Development and Events
By Zach Reeves-Burton on June 10, 2020

In this week's Grad15, Joshua Brooks, manager of the Graduate College's Distinguished Graduate Fellowships Office, shared information on five of the most prestigious fellowships avail

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Awards and Funding Opportunities
By Angie Mitchell on June 5, 2020

In seeking ways to best support ASU graduate students during the current pandemic, the Graduate College is pleased to announce the creation of a new award to help ease some of the unanticipated financial burdens due to COVID-19 as well as some flexibility with our summer...

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Professional Development and Events
By Zach Reeves-Burton on May 11, 2020

In today’s Grad15 mini-webinar, RoniSue Lee and Tania Hernandez with the Graduate College’s International Initiatives team shared tips, strategies, and resources to help make international graduate students’ and researchers’ searches for funding more effective and productive. 

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Student Impact
By Tyler Dunn on March 10, 2020

At 19, Mariana Lanzarini-Lopes found herself far from home in the Republic of Zambia, a south-central African country named after one of the longest rivers on the continent.

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