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Student Impact
PhD candidate Joseph Gazing Wolf holding baby owl
By Emily Carman on April 26, 2021

Joseph Gazing Wolf was born in a place known as Garbage City.

Manshiyat Nasser, Egypt is an industrial area just east of Cairo. The people who live there serve as the informal trash collectors of metropolitan Cairo. 

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Professional Development and Events
By Zachary Reeves-Blurton on April 1, 2021

As graduate students, we know that sometimes it feels like you are reading constantly. We’ve all been there: we’re reading an article or chapter, our minds start to drift, and suddenly we realize we’ve read three paragraphs but can’t recall any of it.

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Student Impact
By Emily Carman on March 23, 2021

Niveditha Muthukrishnan traveled to ASU all the way from Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu in India to pursue her PhD for three reasons. 

For one, you can’t beat the weather in Arizona. 

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Professional Development and Events
By Zachary Reeves-Blurton on February 23, 2021

In advance of the 2020-21 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards, the Graduate College hosted two mentoring sessions designed to help new graduate students develop a

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Student Impact
Maria Maldonado works in the field
By Emily Carman on February 9, 2021

Maria Maldonado decided to pursue a career in engineering when she was 17 years old. 

In her home country of Guatemala, this was out of the ordinary for a woman. But, from a young age, it was something her father always encouraged.

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Professional Development and Events
Innovation Week
By Keith Chandler on November 30, 2020

While some universities may be closing for winter break, ASU will be filled with programming designed to keep students, families, and the entire ASU community engaged and connected. 

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Student Impact
By Emily Carman on November 18, 2020

When Mackenzie Mollohan was 14 years old, she joined the Civilian Air

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Student Impact
By Emily Carman on November 9, 2020

Nathan Blaes was born into a military family, the son of a Nav

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Professional Development and Events
October domestic violence awareness month
By Emily Carman on October 14, 2020

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and we at the ASU Graduate College are dedicated to raising awareness and educating our community members about domestic violence and the impact that it has on individuals and communities. 

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