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Dean's Message
By Elizabeth Wentz on October 12, 2020

Yesterday, October 12, was Indigenous People’s Day. In the 1970s, several U.S. states began to recognize the systemic inequities that resulted from the conquest of the North American continent by recognizing indigenous People’s Day as a counter-celebration of Columbus Day.

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Professional Development and Events
By Zach Reeves-Blurton on April 15, 2020

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we learn and explore professional development opportunities has radically shifted.

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Professional Development and Events
etiquette dinner place setting
By Shannon Lujan on April 10, 2020

A common professional-social situation that you might find yourself in as a graduate student or postdoc is meeting with peers, professors, or interview committees over lunch, dinn

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Deadlines and Resources
Graduate student working from home
By Amanda Athey on March 18, 2020

While we are all feeling challenged by the uncertainty in response to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), that challenge can be multiplied if you have to put our research/data collection “on pause”. 

Are there ways to stay productive and not sidetracked? Yes! 

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Deadlines and Resources
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By Anikka Abbot on February 4, 2020

Mindfulness is so important that ASU created the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience in 2017. But what exactly is mindfulness and why is it so important? 

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