Funding Spotlight: Jordan Glass, ARCS recipient

This month, we highlight ARCS recipient Joshua Glass, a fourth-year biology major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In this Q&A, we learn more about his dissertation, and funding as a graduate student.

Victoria Barbosa turns first generation experience into success for others

For Victoria Barbosa, navigating college as a first-generation student was daunting. 

Grad15 Presents: Critical Reading Strategies

As graduate students, we know that sometimes it feels like you are reading constantly. We’ve all been there: we’re reading an article or chapter, our minds start to drift, and suddenly we realize we’ve read three paragraphs but can’t recall any of it.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Learn more and get involved at ASU

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and we at the ASU Graduate College are dedicated to raising awareness and educating our community members about domestic violence and the impact that it has on individuals and communities.