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Knowledge mobilization

In today's knowledge-driven world, it is critical that researchers and scholars make their work accessible beyond their traditional disciplines. Knowledge mobilization captures the concepts and practices that optimize the knowledge and creativity produced in an educational setting. It enriches the sciences, arts, industry and cultural discourse by making academic research relevant to the public it serves.

The Graduate College embraces Knowledge Mobilization and fosters ASU's design aspirations by providing graduate students and postdoctoral scholars opportunities to exchange information with broader audiences, creating products with real-world impact.

"Knowledge mobilization enables us to draw connections between our disciplinary research and societal change. By emphasizing outcomes and impact-based research in the service of solving real-world problems, we enhance the use of research knowledge for the public good."

— Alfredo Artiles, Dean, Graduate College


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Knowledge Mobilization Studio

The Knowledge Mobilization Studio is a one-credit course offered in the spring and designed to provide graduate students and postdoctoral scholars the opportunity to learn and use a knowledge mobilization (KM) framework, using their own scholarship and/or content from their disciplines.

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Knowledge Mobilization Studio (course listing GRD 791) is offered in the spring semester only and registration for Spring, 2018 courses begins on October 16, 2017. View 2016-2017 GRD 791 syllabus.

Enroll in Knowledge Mobilization Studio

Registration for Spring 2018 is scheduled to open October 16, 2017. Course registration information is as follows:

Knowledge Mobilization Studio
GRD 791-1003
Course ID: 105887
Class #: 28570

Knowledge Mobilization Impact Awards

The Graduate College's Knowledge Mobilization Impact Awards recognize the scholarly achievement and impact of Arizona State University's graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. The awards are an opportunity to collectively acknowledge the contributions to knowledge mobilization and society made by our researchers.

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Impact Stories

Arizona State University's colleges and academic units provide an array of opportunities to engage in discourse within the community. Research competitions, innovation challenges, and community lectures provide a rich training ground in which our future scholars and industry leaders may practice and master vital transdisciplinary skillsets.

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