Graduate College

KPTYD: Continuous enrollment

Continuous enrollment

Once admitted to a graduate degree program or graduate certificate program, students must be registered for a minimum of one graduate credit hour during all phases of their graduate education including the term in which they graduate. This includes fall, spring and summer (if utilizing university resources). Students are utilizing university resources if they are:

  1. engaged in research
  2. conducting a doctoral prospectus
  3. working on or defending theses or dissertations
  4. taking comprehensive examinations
  5. taking Graduate Foreign Language Examinations
  6. completing an incomplete “I” grade

Note: Grades of “W” and/or “X” do not maintain continuous enrollment

Graduate students planning to discontinue registration for a semester or more must submit the Maintain Continuous Enrollment request. This request must be submitted and approved before the anticipated semester of non-registration.  Graduate students may request a maximum of two semesters of non-registration during their entire program.

*Please note: Students that break continuous enrollment program will be required to re-apply should they want to re-enter their program.  For more information on applying to a graduate program, please visit Graduate Admissions and speak with your academic advisor for requirements.