Entry board for the team's INFILL PHOENIX project

ASU team wins American Institute of Architects design competition


Sarah A. McCarty

A team made up of a student, a professor and a graduate from The Design School in ASU's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts won the American Institute of Architects’ Phoenix Metro 2017 Design Competition.

The team, which includes fourth-year architecture student Zach Bundy, recent graduate Nick Shekerjian and professor Elena Rocchi, was one of four teams selected as winners for the competition. 

This year’s competition, INFILL PHOENIX, asked participants to “propose an innovative program and design a structure, an element or a place, which supports that program and connects it with the existing urban fabric of Phoenix.”

The ASU team’s project, called Ark, explores Phoenix’s unique abundance of vacant lots and buildings. According to the team: “This project proposes to deal with urban infill not by imagining the specific characteristics of the infill itself, but instead imagines the result of infill on Phoenix’s unique characteristic of vacancy.”

The team will share a $5,000 prize.