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Graduate College grants focus on COVID-19-inspired innovations

The Graduate College’s Knowledge Mobilization Initiative has announced the launch of the Knowledge Mobilization Spotlight grants. The grants are an effort to highlight the work of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at ASU and to tell their research stories.

Knowledge Mobilization Spotlight grants

Periodically, the Knowledge Mobilization Initiative will put out calls for graduate student and postdoctoral fellow stories and perspectives around a particular theme. In this round of Knowledge Mobilization Spotlight grants, the Graduate College is looking for student/postdoctoral experiences and innovations related to COVID-19. Each student or postdoc story will be featured on the Graduate Insider, the College’s signature blog, beginning in October.

The Knowledge Mobilization Initiative will be awarding five $100 grants to students and postdoctoral fellows with the most innovative solutions to challenges presented by the spread of COVID-19. The winners will be announced on Nov. 16.

Apply now for a Knowledge Mobilization Spotlight grant.

What is Knowledge Mobilization?

The Knowledge Mobilization Initiative explores concepts, skills and practices that move research from the page and into action, enriching current practice, policy and social discourse in the process. One goal for the initiative is to highlight graduate student and postdoctoral research at ASU – particularly how our students and early career scholars are applying and disseminating their research to broad audiences, which increases social impact.

Who should apply?

If your research, coursework or program was impacted by COVID-19, did you design an innovative way to carry on with your research and/or studies? If so, you should apply for a Knowledge Mobilization Spotlight grant. Graduate students enrolled full or part time at ASU and ASU postdoctoral scholars are eligible to apply for a grant.

The application deadline is Oct. 30. It is strongly recommended that you apply early.

Five grant winners will be announced on Nov. 16.

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Written by Emily Carman