School of Earth and Space Exploration graduate students honored with 2020-21 fellowships


Karin Valentine

Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration has announced their graduate student awards and fellowships for the 2020-21 academic year.

“Each of these students represents the school’s commitment to cutting-edge research and exploration in its broadest sense,” said Hilairy Hartnett, associate director of graduate initiatives.

The awards include the Graduate College Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fellowship, the Graduate College Completion Fellowship, the Graduate College Fellowship, and the School of Earth and Space Exploration Summer Exploration Graduate Fellowship.

The Graduate College Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fellowships have been awarded to geological sciences doctoral student Jisoo Kim and geological sciences master’s degree student Luisa Orci Fernandez. This merit-based award will support the professional development of these two outstanding incoming master's degree and PhD students who have exhibited interdisciplinary qualities in line with the New American University.

The Graduate College Completion Fellowships have been awarded to two doctoral students, Gregory Vance (astrophysics) and Emily Zawacki (geological sciences). This merit-based award will support these students in the last year of their doctoral program and is awarded based on the significance and impact of their research.

The Graduate College Fellowships are awarded to three outstanding geological sciences doctoral students, Jessica Bersson, Saira Hamid and Marisol Juarez Rivera, and astrophysics doctoral student Tyler McCabe. These awards help to support and retain outstanding continuing students.

School of Earth and Space Exploration Summer Exploration Graduate Fellowships are awarded to Lindsay Berkhout (doctoral student in exploration systems design — instrumentation), Christopher Dupuis, (doctoral student in astrophysics), and Jessica Bersson, Emma Blackwell, Logan “Wren” Raming and Qian Yuan (doctoral students in geological sciences). These students were chosen for their proposed work that articulated a creative and innovative exploration-based activity that will augment, improve, or complement their on-going graduate research.

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