Graduate College

An initiative to enhance and update the Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) is officially underway.

If you are unfamiliar with the iPOS, it is an interactive PeopleSoft application that tracks a student’s degree completion. Originally launched in 2006, the iPOS is due for a substantial update to meet the needs of the ever-changing ASU graduate student body.

With eyes to the future, and as the nation’s most innovative university, the Graduate College at ASU is redeveloping the iPOS to enrich the student’s experience in multiple ways. The new iPOS will incorporate features such as mobile device compatibility and an enhanced experience that will pre-load program core requirements, further automating the experience.  

The project, which started this July, is expected to take 12 months and involves stakeholders from across the university. Updates on the project will be distributed via The Graduate Insider and emailed directly to stakeholders.