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An essential element of graduate students’ success is the connection they build with others. These can be formal or informal, faculty or peer-to-peer relationships. The quality of the network can help or hinder academic achievement, and knowing the right person can shape students’ career outlooks

The size of Arizona State University gives our graduate students access to broad, diverse academic communities, but it can be difficult for a busy graduate student to know where to spend their time, how to gain access to their desired networks, or how to nurture professional relationships. Having a mentor can be crucial. Mentors offer students shortcuts to finding worthwhile communities and making lasting connections to help them navigate potential career pathways. With a mentor by their side, students can more easily integrate their personal and academic identities, setting them up for long-term success.

This is where the Graduate College Mentoring Network (GCMN) comes in.

Its goal is to educate students, faculty and departments about mentoring at ASU, encourage participation and foster a mentoring culture.

It provides advice and resources on how to find a mentor, how to select a mentoring structure that best fits individual students’ needs, and what a quality mentor/mentee relationship looks like. There are a variety of mentoring programs across ASU, and the Graduate College Mentoring Network webpage has links to many of them in one place.

One of the most important elements of mentoring is community-building. Research shows that graduate students who actively participate in their academic, cultural or identity-based communities are more likely to persist and succeed in their graduate degree programs.

For students interested in joining a community-building mentor group, the Graduate College Mentoring Network offers two — SHADES, a cross-cultural mentoring program, and HUES, an LGBT+ mentoring program. SHADES is open to all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

Apply to join the 2017-2018 SHADES cohort.
Apply to join the 2017-2018 HUES cohort.

You can read about all four aspects of the Graduate College Mentoring Network on the website.

Please visit for more information about Graduate College Mentoring Network initiatives, to find mentoring support and tools, or learn more about mentoring.