Graduate College

The Graduate College holds a Graduate Support Staff Luncheon every year.

Without the graduate support staff, our students would have a much harder time completing everything necessary for their programs. Support Staff are tasked with knowing all the ins and outs of their programs and serve as a life-line when students need them.

The luncheon was created to recognize the incredible work ASU’s Graduate Support Staff do all year to support students, and the mission of the university.  The idea for the luncheon was proposed by a staffer five years ago and the recognition event for Graduate Support Staff has been running strong ever since.  The original idea was for lemonade and cookies, but quickly grew to a full buffet, refreshments, all housed in the Old Main Ballroom.

The event is specifically designed to give support staff a much-deserved break from their busy days, which means no “shop talk.” It’s simply time to socialize over food and drink with colleagues.

The Graduate College designs and distributes a calendar outlining all important days for the following year, which Support Staff could hang in their offices. The calendar was a quick hit among the staff, who look forward to its distribution at every luncheon.

Over the years, there have been special guests that range from deans, directors, and even Sparky has attended the last two.  While the menu has changed, and we have seen Graduate Support Staff come and go, the core reason for hosting this event has remained the same — to say thank you!