Graduate College

Health insurance coverage is one of the most important, yet often misunderstood, parts of life as a graduate student. Being healthy is critical to academic success and having comprehensive and affordable insurance is one key to staying healthy. ASU has an insurance office set up for any question you might have about health insurance coverage, such as “What kind of options does ASU provide to students who are parents? Can I get insurance coverage for my partner? What options are available to international students?”

The Health Insurance Office can be reached at 480-965-2411 or

Arizona State University offers a competitive health insurance product through Aetna Student Heath (, which provides better-than-market coverage and pricing. This insurance coverage is for the student only and is accepted at ASU Health Services, Mayo Clinic, and most other hospitals and specialists in Arizona.

If you are a parent, or an international student, or have questions about additional coverage, the Health Insurance Office has information about dental, vision, and partner/dependent insurance plans.