Graduate College

Students admitted to a graduate degree program or graduate certificate program must be registered for a minimum of one credit hour during all phases of their graduate education, including the term in which they graduate. This includes periods when students are engaging in research, conducting a doctoral prospectus, working on or defending theses or dissertations, taking comprehensive examinations, taking Graduate Foreign Language Examinations, or in any other way utilizing university resources, facilities or faculty time.

Registration for every fall semester and spring semester is required. Summer registration is required for students taking examinations, completing culminating experiences, conducting a doctoral prospectus, defending theses or dissertations, or graduating from the degree program.

To maintain continuous enrollment the credit hour(s) must:

  • Appear on the student’s Plan of Study, OR
  • Be research (592, 792), thesis (599), dissertation (799), or continuing registration (595, 695, 795), OR
  • Be a graduate-level course.

Grades of “W” and/or “X” are not considered valid registration for continuous enrollment purposes. “W” grades are received when students officially withdraw from a course after the drop/add period. “X” grades are received for audit courses. It is extremely important students follow up with their academic unit before dropping any classes to see what options they may have so they do not break continuous enrollment.

Graduate students trying to find that perfect school/work/life balance may run into obstacles that prevent continuous enrollment throughout the duration of the program.  Graduate students planning to discontinue registration for a semester or more must submit a Request to Maintain Continuous Enrollment form. This request must be submitted and approved before the anticipated semester of non-registration. Students may request to maintain continuous enrollment without course registration for a maximum of two semesters during their entire program.

Having an approved Request to Maintain Continuous Enrollment by Graduate Education will enable students to re-enter their program without re-applying to the university. Students who do not register for a fall or spring semester without an approved Request are considered withdrawn from the university under the assumption that they have decided to discontinue their program. Students removed for this reason may reapply for admission to resume their degree program; the application will be considered along with all other new applications to the degree program.

Please refer the ASU Graduate Policies and Procedures Manual to view the full policy in regards to Continuous Enrollment.