Graduate College

Support faculty in clearly articulated grant proposals to increase research competitiveness and assist in evaluating projects designed to help advance graduate student and postdoc opportunities. Engage units in interdisciplinary projects to be leaders in scholarly discovery and development.

  • establish work breakdown structure
  • provide feedback in project team meetings

Offer guidance on mentoring and leadership building for postdocs and graduate students by providing an interactive network of resources.

  • evaluate mentoring needs and styles
  • frame mentoring through sets of purpose-driven mentoring sessions established among a varying network of mentors (inside/outside discipline, peers, industry, friends/family)
  • identify goals and plan for meeting objectives
  • ensure that leaders acknowledge challenges and diversity reflective of ASU’s student body

Provide Graduate Faculty Council with time and guidance to evaluate proposals.

  • effectively communicate committee objectives, responsibilities, and outcomes pre and post council meetings

Demonstrate a commitment to excellence by providing information about Academic Integrity. Consider how policies are shaped to endorse an honor code among graduate students that will maintain university standards and enhance graduation rates.