Graduate College

  1. Ask International Initiatives at Graduate Education (IIGE) for ASU’s most up-to-date General Collaboration Agreement (GCA) template. GCA templates
    • are easy to complete, and the IIGE team can help.
    • are vetted by ASU’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) and include critical protections for ASU intellectual property.
  2. Identify who will be the primary faculty representatives for this partnership at both ASU and the partner university.
    • Communicate the names, titles and email address of all primary contacts to IIGE.
  3. Prepare to obtain the University Provost’s signature on your GCA. Answer the Provost’s standard questions, below. If you send your answers to IIGE, the merits of the partnership will be discussed with the Provost:
    • what reputation benefits will the partnership bring to ASU?
    • what opportunities for faculty/students will emanate from it?
    • are student enrollments expected from it? If yes, approximately how many?
  4. ASU and the partner institution will populate the GCA template with the necessary information.
    • Any changes to the GCA language must be vetted by the OGC.
  5. Print two originals to be signed by the ASU Provost and counterpart at the partner institution.
    • The Provost will not sign a scanned/pdf copy. There must be a minimum of two originals.
    • As stated on the GCA, the ASU Provost is the final signatory.  
  6. Fully-signed originals should be distributed as follows:
    • Give 1 original to IIGE
    • ship 1 original to partner
    • keep 1 copy for your academic unit
    • send 1 copy to the OGC
  7. Contact IIGE to receive help with all steps in this process: