Graduate College

This past February, Arizona State University welcomed delegates from top universities across China to the 2017 American Experience Initiative workshop. This is the fifth workshop sponsored by the Luce American Experience Initiative grant.

“AEI is unique, and maybe even historic, in that it is the first systematic collaboration between Chinese and U.S. scholars on curriculum that can be taught in Chinese universities,” said Eric Wertheimer, professor of English and Associate Dean of the ASU Graduate College. “By reimagining how American culture gets taught transculturally, it opens up the possibility for rethinking what American culture is.”

Chinese faculties were invited to join a network of scholars to build interdisciplinary modules with international perspectives. During this workshop, participants worked with consultants and experts from ASU, the Smithsonian Institution, Lewis and Clark College, and Brown University to design curriculums that will provide a new perspective on American culture and new learning experiences for students.

Learn more about Internationalizing curriculum development: 2017 American Experience Initiative spring workshop.

Pictured above (Back row, from left): William Brashears, Zhang Zhaoyang, Zhai Zheng, Chen Wei, Guo Liandong, Jane Hunter, Huang Lei, Ying Hui and Zhang Zhaoyang. (Front row, from left): Robert Lee, Li Cuiyun, Yang Bin, Zeng Yi and Pan Xiaohui.