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How will your research reach the diverse audiences needed in order to make real impact? The Knowledge Mobilization Studio course provides PhD students and postdocs with the platform, process, and knowledge needed in order to mobilize their research. The Knowledge Mobilization Studio is a one-credit course providing the opportunity to learn and use a knowledge mobilization framework to explore and articulate larger social and interdisciplinary issues using students’ own scholarship and/or content from their disciplines.

Knowledge mobilization captures the set of concepts and practices that optimize access to and use of knowledge and creative work. This course enables students and postdoc fellows to hone transferable skills, sharpening the important core competencies desired within academia, industry, and non-profit organizations.

Knowledge Mobilization Studio students will use a knowledge mobilization design template and begin to conceptualize a product to effectively mobilize their knowledge, creating a broader impact. Knowledge Mobilization Studio scholars work both individually and in small groups, workshopping and honing their products. Guest lectures and in-the-field activities will challenge students to experiment, innovate, and design with concepts and practices that optimize access and use of knowledge within the academy and beyond.

The Graduate College is spearheading several Knowledge Mobilization initiatives at ASU:

  • Knowledge Mobilization Impact Awards
  • Knowledge Mobilization story series


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