Graduate College

FM: Font and size of text

Font and size of text

The Graduate College requires that students use one of the TrueType fonts listed below. You should retain the same font and font size throughout your document (preliminary, main text, back matter pages); the only exception is endnotes and footnotes which may be in a smaller point size.

Font Size of Text
Arial 10pt
Century 11pt
Garamond 12pt
*Georgia 11pt
Sans Serif 10pt
Tahoma 10pt
*Times New Roman 12pt
**TimesNewRoman 10pt
*Verdana 10pt

* These fonts are designed for easy screen readability and are highly recommended.
** TimesNewRoman (with no spaces between words) differs from the traditional font. Although it is acceptable to use, your manuscript should not switch between TimesNewRoman and Times New Roman as there are distinct differences between the two fonts.