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Close up on a wireframe for the development of a mobile app.

Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) Project Enters Phase II of Development

The Graduate College has officially completed Phase I of the iPOS project.

A development team consisting of an outside consulting firm, University Technology Office (UTO), and the Graduate College came together to implement the remapping of outdated data tables to current and more efficient ones. As an important part of the process the team met with stakeholders across the university to investigate and address any concerns about how this massive project could impact different areas. They gathered feedback from several focus groups, which contributed to the intensive planning stages for Phase II. 

The team has now officially embarked on the longer Phase II, during which the Graduate College will be reimagining the iPOS to meet the modern needs of students, as well as staff and faculty. “The current iPOS was launched back in 2006, it’s due for a substantial update to meet the needs of today’s students,” said Brian Mattson, Director of Graduate Program Services. One of these needs is mobile-friendly applications. “The new iPOS will incorporate features such as mobile device compatibility and an enhanced experience that will pre-load program core requirements,” added Mattson. 

Pre-loading core requirements will benefit not only students, but staff and faculty, who otherwise would manually input classes into the students’ iPOS. The iPOS team is also investigating ways to incorporate thesis and dissertation format review into the iPOS, which will add more value to the iPOS furthering this tool as a one-stop-shop for graduate progress.

The goal for a final design plan for the new iPOS is January 15th. Some development has already begun. All development is slated to wrap up by Summer 2018.