Graduate College

FM: Pagination


  1. Title page is not paginated
  2. All preliminary pages (title page to preface) are paginated with lowercase Roman numerals; starting with “i” on the abstract
  3. Continue numbering consecutively on the preliminary subsequent pages up to the first page of the main text
  4. All main text and back matter pages are paginated with Arabic numerals consecutively; starting with “1” on the first page (example: Chapter 1 is page 1)
  5. Place all page numbers at the bottom of the page, centered between the left and right margins and directly upon the 1-inch bottom margin
  6. Continue numbering consecutively on the main text/back matter subsequent pages to the end of the document (including appendices)
  7. You may use a footer feature if your software provides one, but be sure that your page numbers are the same font and size as the rest of your text and are set to begin at 1 inch from the bottom edge of the page