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FM: Table of contents (chapter format)

Table of contents (chapter format)

  1. Type TABLE OF CONTENTS in all capital letters; center aligned
  2. List preliminary pages that follow table of contents in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
  3. Create headings “CHAPTER” and “Page” as shown below; include on subsequent pages
  4. Indent subheadings; use title case for all subheadings
  5. Double space
  6. Add leader dots between headings/subheadings and page numbers
  7. Do not use bold or italic typeface in the Table of Contents
  8. Use all CAPITAL LETTERS for chapter titles or sections headings
  9. Right align page numbers
  10. No bold, italics, underline (used only for species, genre, book titles, musical compositions, or foreign words and phrases)

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Note to Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Students: A creative writing practicum will not require a table of contents if there are no formal divisions within the document.

Table of Contents (continued)

  1. Double space
  2. Continue on subsequent pages if necessary
  3. Ensure headers appear on subsequent pages
  4. Include APPENDIX header in all capital letters before listing appendices
  5. List appendices in all CAPITAL LETTERS

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