Graduate College

FM: Presentation


Supplemental non-print materials should be listed as appendices in your table of contents. The appendix cover sheet must also be marked with a description of the software and operating system (e.g., MAC or Windows XP) required to view the non-print file.

You may upload supplementary files that accompany your document. Examples might be sound clips or spreadsheets of research data. You can upload as many supplementary files as you need. If you upload a set of files that are “zipped”, then that is how the supplemental material will be distributed with the full text: as a zipped file.

Please note that if your document and supplemental material combined exceeds 1000 MB then you need to create a PDF with just the Title Page, Abstract and on the third page a note explaining that the rest of the dissertation and all supplemental materials will be included on a CD-ROM or a DVD, and submit the PDF online. You will still submit your payment online. Then you will submit all materials on a CD-ROM or DVD to the Graduate College for approval.