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Outstanding Faculty Mentors

Each year up to three faculty are recognized with an Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award. View the current Outstanding Faculty Mentors. To nominate an ASU tenure/tenure track faculty, please visit Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards page for more information.

Kory W. Floyd, Professor and Associate Director, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication (2010). My approach to mentoring doctoral students is one of engagement, encouragement, and embodiment. Preparing for a successful academic career requires doctoral students to learn far more than the theories and methods of their discipline. It demands that they hone a range of skill sets, so they can... Read more

Jon F. Harrison, Professor and Associate Director of Facilities, School of Life Sciences (2010). Mentoring Ph.D. students is one of the most vital things that we do as faculty at ASU. Training a Ph.D. student who goes on in turn to influence thousands of students, or who spends a career pushing back the frontiers of scientific knowledge, is a great amplifier of our effect on society. I have... Read more