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PAY: Fellowships and Awards

Fellowships and Awards

Fellowships, scholarships, awards and grants are not loans and you will not have to repay them. They can be “merit-based” for outstanding student performance and/or “needs-based” for those otherwise unable to afford an education.

In addition to graduate fellowships and grants at ASU, there are thousands of national, state and private organization resources to search, including awards for teachers, those seeking a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, military and their family members, minorities and women who are underrepresented in their fields, and many more.

ASU Graduate Fellowships

Completion Fellowship

Earl A. and Lenore H. Tripke Fellowship

Graduate College Fellowship

Herman E. Demund Memorial Fellowship

Initiative for Maximizing Student Development

Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fellowship

Lattie and Elva Coor Graduate Fellowship

Post-baccaulaureate Research Education Program

University Graduate Fellowships (block grants)

Arizona State University and CONACYT Doctoral Fellowships (Available to Mexican students regularly admitted to and/or enrolled in PhD programs at ASU)



Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS)

Martha E. Bernal Memorial Award

Travel Awards

Recruitment Airfare Awards

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

ASU Peace Corps

Coverdell Fellows Program

Faculty and staff awards

Outstanding Doctoral Mentors

Science Foundation Arizona Bisgrove Scholar Program



Funding resources

Search for ASU scholarships

Distinguished Awards

National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education
and Research Traineeship (IGERTs)