Graduate College

PAY: Work


Consider part-time work, particularly in your own field:

  • Teaching and Research Assistant positions are available within your academic unit. They give you valuable professional experience within your field as well as financial support.
  • Types of Student Employment Programs: Students can work in three types of employment programs offered by the ASU Student Employment Office. The job search will tell you which type of program(s) the employer is participating in.
  • ASU maintains job postings for hourly, work-study, and stipend positions on- and off-campus. To search for available jobs, sign in with your ASURITE ID at
  • A number of agencies and community service organizations work with ASU to provide tuition discounts and reimbursements based on the student’s commitment to provide volunteer or paid work within their fields in return. For example:
  • ASU recognizes that students may need to supplement their income with on-campus work in order to help pay for their studies. To ensure that a graduate student’s education and training are not compromised by commitments to additional employment, limitations are placed on the number of hours or FTE worked at ASU. For additional information see the following communication

Career services at ASU offers valuable resources and advice, including guides, advising, events and workshops, job search and more.