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Postdoc Research Blitz

What is the Research Blitz?

The next Research Blitz will be in February 2019.   Apply to present  

An ASU researcher developing near-real-time earth satellite photography.  Another researcher focusing on therapeutic applications of virus-derived anti-inflammatory proteins and peptides. A third focusing on isotopic landscapes, and two more focusing bio-engineered body parts. 

What do they have in common?

They are Arizona-based postdocs looking for collaborators. 

To help them and others, the Postdoctoral Affairs Office launched the Postdoc Research Blitz Program.  At each Blitz event, seven postdocs are each given 5 minutes to present an overview of their research and are asked to close their talk with a statement of need:  a wish list for the kind of person or team they are looking for to help them with an aspect of their project.   

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Past Presenters 

September 18, 2019

  • Dr. Qiushi Cui - - Data Analytics Tools for Electric Vehicles. Seeking:  Student assistants and software developers. 
  • Dr. Nicola Lubold - - Social Behavior to Enhance Learning in Human-Robot Interactions. Seeking Data Analysts
  • Dr. Peter Nagy - - How to resolve the stigma around chronic conditions.  
  • Dr. Ganesh Subramanian - - Photo-activation and Catalysis with Biomolecules... Seeking:  Research collaborators and student interns.
  • Dr. Justin Tanner - - Sensory Motor Research Group.  Seeking: Developers, C++/C, MatLab, Electrical Engineers
  • Dr. Qunshan Zhao - - Knowledge Exchange for Resilience.  Seeking: Graduate and Undergraduate interns and student workers

June 20, 2018 

  • Dr. Megan Behringer, from the Biodesign Center for Mechanisms of Evolution, who presented her development of an artificial bladder for the evolutionary study of urinary tract infection.  She is looking for collaborators to help create a microaerophilic environment, and she needs technical help with automation of her raspberry pi controlled mechanical bladder.
  • Dr. Tanya Harrison, from the NewSpace Initiative, who presented on the emerging role of the commercial sector in earth remote sensing science.  Dr. Harrison is looking for collaborators who can propose innovative uses for the earth photography technology, a near-real-time satellite photography technology she has developed.
  • Dr. Beth Scaffidi, from the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, who presented on isotopic landscapes: understanding the impact of drought/flood cycles on subsistence, migrations, disease, and culture change.  Scaffidi seeks partners who can help with mathematical modeling, cloud-based geospacial database development, as well as ecologists and health researchers who have interest in isotopic variability. 
  • Dr. Michael McPhail, from the Mayo Clinic Head and Neck Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, who presented on his work in on a bioengineered larynx.  He is looking for expertise in 3D printing, “bio-inks” and materials science, and tissue engineering.  
  • Dr. Jordon Yaron, from the Center for Personalized Diagnostics at the Biodesign Institute, who presented his research on therapeutic applications of virus-derived anti-inflammatory proteins and peptides.  He is looking for collaborators to test new biomedical applications, develop new platforms, and identify other therapeutic protein sources.