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Knowledge Mobilization Studio

Knowledge Mobilization Studio (GRD 791) is a three-credit course providing graduate students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to learn and use a knowledge mobilization (KM) framework using their own scholarship and/or content from their disciplines. KM captures the set of concepts and practices that optimize access to and use of knowledge and creative work. The course will enable students and post doc fellows to hone KM transferable skills, allowing them to sharpen core competencies desired within academia, industry, and non-profit organizations.

Spring 2017 syllabus and detail here.

Academic Integrity

Learn what academic integrity is, why it’s important, and what role you play in it.

Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium

Learn more about this course for first-year graduate students and how they participate in interdisciplinary research, professional development and community.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Learn more about professional development opportunites,financial support, and postdoctoral scholar initiatives.

Connected Academics

ASU is one of three institutions partnering to accelerate and enrich the experience of earning a doctoral degree in languages and literature.

Preparing Future Faculty (PFF)

Interested in pursuing a faculty position in the future? Gain an honest and informative insider’s perspective from current faculty and administrators.

Exploring Graduate School Seminars

Explore Graduate School Seminars (EGSS) provide tools and resources for you to be a successful graduate school applicant.

Teaching Assistant Development (TAD)

Learn more about what a TA/RA is and what ASU trainings are required for new TAs. Already a TA? Check out the Diary of new TA and teaching resources.