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Why graduate students thrive at ASU

Ready to break some of your boundaries?

Most innovative university in the U.S.

ASU ranks #1 in the nation for its original approach to research, education and entrepreneurship, placing ahead of Stanford and MIT.  Discover why the world is talking about ASU.

Pursue the work you believe in

Pursue the work you believe in

What type of future do you want to create? Graduate students at ASU can become part of transdisciplinary research that solves real-world challenges. Bioenergy and clean fuels, rehabilitation robotics for Parkinson’s and stroke patients, cures and early detection of diseases, K-12 education, space exploration and much, much more.

Highly rated programs

ASU is transforming graduate education. Choose from nearly 400 master and doctoral programs, concentrations, and certificates to chart a path to your future.

Graduate degrees at ASU rank among best in the nation in U.S. News & World Report’s annual list of best graduate schools for law, education, business, engineering and more. Also highly rated are ASU’s online programs.

What is your graduate degree worth?

What is your graduate degree worth?

A comparison of median weekly earnings shows a dramatic difference in earning potential. Those with a master’s degree earned nearly double ($1,326 weekly wages) what high school graduates earn ($668).

The unemployment rate is significantly higher for a high school graduate (six percent in 2014) compared to 2.8 percent for masters and 2.1 percent unemployment for doctoral degrees.

Chart displaying the earnings and unemployment rates by educational attainment

Support throughout your graduate studies

From mentoring to professional development and preparation for your career, ASU wants to help you achieve your dreams.

ASU is inclusive and diverse

 According to Times Higher Education, ASU is one of three large public universities that have increased access to higher education “attracting and retaining first-generation students and ensuring their success.”

Not only the largest public university in the nation, ASU is also one of the most diverse. In a graduate population of over 15,700 students, slightly more than 50 percent are women, over 22 percent are cultures and ethnicities other than white, and over 25 percent are international students from 135 countries.

ASU has been named a Military Friendly School by G.I. Jobs magazine for seven straight years, is an LGBTQIA-friendly college and employer, a major producer of alumni Peace Corps volunteers, and hosts numerous events, discussions and student organizations to promote understanding and celebrate a diverse and inclusive community.

Ready to break some of your own boundaries?

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