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Welcome to the Graduate College

Dr. Alfredo J. Artiles, Dean, Graduate CollegeWelcome to Arizona State University’s Graduate College. ASU’s history spans over 130 years and our graduate programs contribute to the redefinition of the public research university to create the New American University. Hallmarks of ASU Graduate College include a student-centered culture and commitment to inclusion and innovation—U.S. News & World Report selected ASU as the most innovative university in the country four years in a row.

ASU offers nearly 450 graduate degree options across four physical campuses and an online campus. These programs traverse a web of communities in which over 21,000 graduate students learn, teach, create and thrive. Graduate students leverage the unique richness of our location in the Southwest to engage the complex issues of our globalized era contributing to the economic, social, cultural and overall well-being of their communities. The extraordinary innovations produced in ASU Graduate College are fueled by the quality of our programs, the diversity of our ideas, the social embeddedness of our work, and the intellectual assets of our graduate student population that represents over 100 nations and myriad backgrounds.

ASU graduate students become lifelong learners, create inter- and trans-disciplinary knowledge on issues of social significance and begin to build career pathways from the moment they enroll in programs. We offer a plethora of apprenticeship opportunities with world-class faculty, state of the art research and professional training facilities, and ongoing enrichment and professional development programming. ASU graduate students get meaningful and sustained mentoring from faculty, peers, and alumni, and have access to partnerships that afford participation in the development of solutions to real-life challenges. ASU graduate programs have a remarkable impact on students’ professional trajectories—for instance, 91 percent of ASU's master's students who looked for a job received at least one offer within 90 days of graduating.

You can learn about programs and educational opportunities at the Graduate College website. Contact us if you have questions, would like to interact with our faculty and students, and/or want to visit our campuses. We are confident that you will thrive at ASU, the New American University. We look forward to welcoming you.

Signature of Dr. Alfredo J. Artiles, Dean, Graduate College

Alfredo J. Artiles
Dean, Graduate College
"Leading through knowledge use and innovation"