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Graduate Curriculum Development

Charged with approving curriculum and enforcing policies and procedures, the Graduate College is the designated authority on graduate education policies, curricula quality, and best practices, guiding students, faculty and staff to drive program progress and student success.

The Graduate College assists units with curriculum development, maintains graduate program archives, coordinates the activities of the University Graduate Council, and serves as a resource for units regarding policy and procedures governing graduate education at ASU.

The Provost’s office also maintains a curriculum development website with links to important resources such as the curriculum workflow calendar, CAPC, University Senate meeting dates, academic plan and submission information. All proposals and supporting documents are submitted formally through Kuali Curriculum Management (CM) for new programs and Kuali Build for modifying existing programs.


There are multiple administrative units and personnel involved in graduate academic program development. You are encouraged to contact Graduate College representatives in the initial curricular planning stages.

Graduate College

Lisa Anderson
Associate dean and professor

Amanda Morales-Calderon
Associate director, curriculum and format

Erin Froncek
Coordinator sr, curriculum development

Brian Bottini
Coordinator, curriculum and format

Office of the University Provost,
University Curriculum Development