Resources for Faculty and Staff

Graduate academic program development forms

To facilitate the uniform review of proposals and to assist academic units with the development of their program strategies, forms and other proposal instruments have been carefully conceived and developed. Below, please find links to the academic proposal forms in Kuali Curriculum Management (CM) and Kuali Build. As always, you are encouraged to contact Graduate College at the earliest stages of proposal development by emailing

New graduate degrees

To develop a full proposal to establish a new master's or a doctoral degree, please refer to the "new graduate degree" section to review the steps in the process and use the Proposal to Establish a New Program form. Additional information may also be found under the Academic Programs section of the Provost’s office Curriculum Development webpage.

Establishing graduate certificates

To propose a new graduate certificate, please refer to the "new graduate certificate" section to review the steps in the process.

New graduate concentration

To establish a new graduate concentration under an existing degree, Please refer to the "new concentration" section to review the steps in the process. A "concentration" is a subspecialty under a degree and major which reflects that the student has fulfilled a designated, specialized course of study that will appear on the student transcript. Concentrations are assigned a plan code for official reporting and record-keeping purposes.

Forms to modify existing graduate academic programs

These forms should be used when a unit is proposing changes to an already-existing academic program.

Request to establish/amend an accelerated master's degree program

The Accelerated Master's Program Proposal is used to request or modify an existing accelerated master's program. This form also allows units to add a new concentration combination to an existing accelerated master's program or update requirements.

The accelerated master's degree program guidelines document describes the policies and guidelines for the development and implementation of an accelerated master's program when both the bachelor's and master's degrees are existing programs at ASU.

Request to establish/modify a concurrent program

Use the Graduate Concurrent Program Proposal to request a new official concurrent degree combination or to modify an existing one.

Proposal to establish/modify a master's in passing (MIP)

The Master's in Passing Request is used when proposing to establish or modify a master's degree in passing (MIP) under a PhD program at ASU. The name of the master's degree must carry the same name as the doctoral degree per ABOR policy.

Establish a track for a graduate program

The Graduate Track Proposal Form is to propose a new track for an existing graduate degree or concentration. A track is a focused area of study within a degree program and differs from a concentration because it is not formally recognized by the university, thus it is not assigned a plan code for official reporting purposes and does not appear on the ASU transcript. Changes to requirements of an established track are completed with the Graduate Program Changes Form.