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Establishing a new concentration under an existing graduate degree

Step 1: Preapproval
Include your proposed concentration in the academic plan of your college, school or institute. Academic plans must be submitted to the Provost’s office by the published deadlines. Please review the Academic Planning Cycle. Notification of academic plan approval will be sent directly to the unit by the Provost’s office

Step 2: Once preapproval is received
Develop the full proposal to establish the proposed concentration using the New Graduate Concentration Proposal template.

Step 3: Complete all necessary approvals
Complete approvals within your unit and college/school/institute. Your dean’s office should submit the final proposal as well as all supporting documents to by the published deadlines for further university approvals.

Step 4: University Graduate Council, CAPC and Provost’s approval
These constitute all approvals at the university level for concentrations. The Graduate College will send the approval memo and operational parameters to your dean once the proposed program is approved.