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How to Guides for Support Staff

The links on this webpage provide you with tools and instructions related to admissions, academic advising, submitting committee approval requests through DocuSign and some general topics such as how to request access for new employees. These tools are valuable resources to help you serve your students.


Admissions self-help

PeopleSoft Accelerated App Tracking tool guide

Bachelor’s/Master’s guidelines

Manage application reviewers mod

PeopleSoft GPortal admissions instructions

SAM – supplemental application manager guide for departments

Supplemental ranked and short question examples


Academic advising self-help

How to submit your interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) (student view)

Master’s in passing procedures

Guide for scheduling a defense (student guide)

DocuSign pass/fail form faculty instructions


Committee Approval Request through DocuSign

Below are the steps for staff members to submit electronic Committee Approval Requests through DocuSign. This process applies to both the One Time-Individual form and the Five Year-Blanket form. The process will remain the same for those applying to join Graduate Faculty.

Please note: These instructions are for staff members submitting a Committee Approval Request. Students should contact their academic advisor for assistance.


Step 1: Access the DocuSign link.

Step 2: Complete the landing page.  The “Requester” is the academic advisor or the person initiating the form.  The “Head of the Academic Unit” is the individual in the unit who is authorized to approve a committee request prior to sending to the Graduate College.

Step 3: Complete the DocuSign form and attach the required CV.

Step 4: Click FINISH.


What Happens Next? 

  • The “Head of the Academic Unit” or “Authorized Signer” will review the form via email. They may approve or reject the nomination.
  • If approved, the electronic form and CV are routed to the Graduate College for approval.
  • Once approved by Graduate College and input into PeopleSoft, the requestor/advisor will receive an email notification from the Graduate College that the request is complete.
  • Advisors should communicate to the student that their request has been approved (or denied) and follow up appropriately.


Additional Resources:

Please contact the Graduate College with any questions.


General self-help

Academic plan extension update instructions

GPortal financial aid business process guide

GPS top ten support topics



How to request Analytics Site access

Graduate student progress Analytics navigation guide