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News and Events

The Graduate College hosts many events throughout the year to enrich your experience. Please review the news and events listed below for upcoming opportunities.

Upcoming events

All times listed are Arizona Local Time

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Aug 1310 a.m.Teaching Assistant OrientationONLINERSVP
Aug 139 a.m.ASU International Fulbright OrientationONLINERSVP
Aug 1811 a.m.Grad15 Webinar: Resiliency & Imposter SyndromeONLINECOMING SOON
Aug 2012 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: Choosing the right academic careerONLINERSVP
Aug 2512 p.m.TA Training Lunch-and-Learn Series: Creating & maintaining inclusive learning spacesONLINERSVP
Aug 2712 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: Preparing a cover letterONLINERSVP
Sept 811 a.m.Grad15 Webinar: How to write a diversity statementONLINECOMING SOON
Sept 912 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: Preparing your CVONLINERSVP
Sept 1012 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: Writing your research statementONLINERSVP
Sept 1712 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: Writing your teaching statementONLINERSVP
Sept 173:30 p.m.New Postdoc OrientationONLINERSVP
Sept 2212 p.m.TA Training Lunch-and-Learn Series: Becoming an advocate for your studentsONLINERSVP
Oct 112 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: Writing your diversity statementONLINERSVP
Oct 812 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: Letters of recommendationONLINERSVP
Oct 1412 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: The academic review processONLINERSVP
Oct 2012 p.m.TA Training Lunch-and-Learn Series: Active learning strategies for the classroom ONLINERSVP
Oct 2212 p.m.Graduate College Distinguished LectureONLINECOMING SOON
Oct 2212 p.m.Postdoc Lunch & Learn: Academic jobs application panelONLINERSVP
Dec 14TBDASU Fall Commencement CeremonyTBDN/A
Feb 221 p.m.Outstanding Faculty Mentor AwardsTBDCOMING SOON
Mar 258:30 a.m.Postdoctoral Career ConferenceTBDCOMING SOON



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