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News and Events

The Graduate College hosts many events throughout the year to enrich your experience. Please review the news and events listed below for upcoming opportunities.

Upcoming events

All times listed are Arizona Local Time

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Oct 2511 a.m.Interdisciplinary Solutions for Social Impact (ISSI) Fall WorkshopONLINERSVP
Oct 2812 p.m.Info Session: Applying for a Postdoctoral PostitionONLINERSVP
Oct 309 a.m.2021 ASU Homecoming Block PartyOld Main LawnInfo
Nov 512 p.m.Graduate College Student Funding UpdateONLINERSVP
Nov 911 a.m.Grad15 Webinar Series: Improving Time Management SkillsONLINERSVP
Dec 711 a.m.Grad15 Webinar Series: Celebrating the SeasonONLINERSVP
Dec 13TBDUniversity CommencementTBDInfo



Recent news

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