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Hispanic Heritage Student Spotlight – Alejandra Sandoval-Martinez

In this conversation, PhD student Alejandra Sandoval-Martinez discusses representation in academia as a Latinx woman, addressing healthcare disparities and the importance of mentorship in higher education.

Hispanic Heritage Month Student Spotlights

Get to know Enrichment Fellows Alejandra Sandoval-Martinez, Autumn Pauley and Daniel Jose Sanchez! The cohort talks about their academic paths, inspiration and how they decompress during the semester.

Hispanic Heritage Month Student Spotlight - Autumn Pauley

In this Q&A, first-year Global Health student Autumn Pauley details her work as a research assistant with a Mexican and Filipino background, the importance of mental health and future career plans.

Hispanic Heritage Month Student Spotlight – Daniel Jose Sanchez

In this conversation, Daniel Jose Sanchez talks about human development research, the importance of exploring new opportunities and ways to de-stress as a master’s student.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and the impact of Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Starting mid-September through October 15, the nation celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!

Staff Spotlight: Carrie Robinson

We invite you to get to know Carrie Robinson, our Executive Director of Graduate Student and Scholar Success!

Breaking the stigma: Resources and tips during Suicide Prevention Month

Remember that mental health and emotional wellness should take priority as the semester gets well underway. This blog provides essential wellness tips and crisis resources during Suicide Prevention Month.

A warm welcome: How food brings comfort and connection

Dean Libby Wentz talks about food as a form of welcome, celebration and even a way to achieve balance. She shares what she eats to stay focused during the busy semester and how you can incorporate stabilizing foods into your routine!

Staff Spotlight: Abby Meyer

In this Staff Spotlight, you'll get to know Abby Meyer, our new Event and Administration Program Coordinator!

Essential resources for your first week as a graduate student

While the experience of being a graduate student is varied and unique, there are common phenomena that most, if not all, graduate students will encounter after enrolling in a new program. Here are tips to help you acclimate and have a great first…

A history on master’s degrees and what it means for you

The rest is history? Well, not quite! In this month’s message, Dean Libby Wentz covers the history of graduate education – and sheds light on what it means for you in 2023. Also, you’ll get a glimpse of a picture made of many pieces, that is quite…

Building Networked Communities Summer Series gives support staff new tools for student retention and recruitment

Watch the recent Building Networked Communities Summer Series webinars, designed to provide ASU support staff, program chairs and directors with important updates and useful tips!

Staff Spotlight: Cheri Poellot

Get to know the Graduate College staff! Cheri Poellot is a Graduate Support Coordinator, Senior in the Graduate Support Department!

Beyond research and methodology: Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards recipient explores the holistic side of graduate mentorship

The Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards recognizes faculty for their contributions to mentorship! In this Q&A, we speak to Anthony Peguero, a professor of sociology and criminology at the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics and…

ASU Graduate College announces 2023 Staff Awards for Excellence recipients

Four staff members were honored with 2023 Graduate College Staff Awards for Excellence by the Graduate College at Arizona State University on Thursday, May 18.

Five spring grads received the Master's With Distinction Medallion

The Graduate College proudly celebrates the class of 2023! 🎓 These grad profiles highlight students who received a Master's With Distinction Medallion for graduating with a cumulative 4.0 GPA. Read more about these exceptional grads and their…

Scholar recognizes the importance of time and community when building connections

In this Q&A, we highlight Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx) program attendee Jamal Brooks-Hawkins, a third-year Gender Studies PhD student specializing in Black, sexual and gender minorities in the African diaspora. In this interview,…

Staff Spotlight: Steve Yena

Get to know the Graduate College staff! Steve Yena is the Director for the Data and Technology at the Graduate College. He has been with the college for seven years and has extensive knowledge of various, high-level computer programs.

Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards honoree on how collaboration in mentorship is essential to community-building

At the 36th annual Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards faculty were honored for their contributions in mentorship. In this Q&A we speak to Jada Ach, an assistant teaching professor at the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. In this…

As my friend says: you matter more than you think

In this month’s message, Dean Libby Wentz discusses the impact of small actions on social change – and her hopes for you during the next chapter of your life! 🎓

Presidential scholar strives to create identity safety cues in healthcare research

Introducing Kadeeja Murrell, a Presidential Research Scholar whose work centers on Black maternal mortality. In this Q&A, she discusses following your aspirations over anything else, creating identity safety cues and the importance of community…

PFx scholar encourages framing Humanities research as a discovery instead of a problem

This month, we highlight Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx) program attendee, Isobel-Marie Johnston, an educator specializing in Jewish mikvah immersion. In this interview, she discusses rituals, special cultural practices and reframing…

Etiquette pointers and best practices for graduate students and postdocs

Graduate students and postdocs learned helpful tips from an etiquette coach to be prepared for lunch, dinners and happy hours in a professional setting.

Setting boundaries, speaking up and trusting your voice as a woman in academia

During this three-way interview, the three deans of the Graduate College talk about the hurdles and successes they experienced in their academic careers and give advice to students and professionals interested in pursuing a career in academic…