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New Student Orientation Resources from the Graduate College

The Graduate College offers services, training, events, tools, and other resources to graduate students throughout the year. Here’s what we have planned for the weeks preceding the start of fall 2020 classes, and services that will be useful to new students in the future. 

Use any of the resources to complement your communications to your incoming graduate students and faculty.

Welcome and Orientation Events

  • Graduate Student Town Hall
    Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 6:00 pm (MST)

    A distinguished panel of ASU leaders, including Provost Mark Searle and incoming Dean of the Graduate College Elizabeth Wentz, will address questions submitted by graduate students regarding the outlook for the upcoming academic year.

  • Virtual Graduate Student Orientation Sessions
    Newly admitted graduate students will receive invitations to attend the virtual Graduate Student Orientation to learn more about ASU resources and engagement opportunities, and hear from current students and college representatives. Spring virtual orientation events and dates will be announced in October.

  • Grad15 Mini-Webinar Series
    Grad15 15-minute webinars provide helpful advice and information on professional and personal development topics. Free and open to all ASU graduate students.

  • New TA Orientation and Training
    The Graduate Assistant Training program is provided for all graduate students who have been hired as either a Teaching Assistant/Associate or Research Assistants/Associate. It has four main elements:

    1. Graduate TA/RA Pre-Service Training in Career Edge. Mandatory for all new TAs and highly recommended for RAs prior to their first day in the classroom or lab and is administered through ASU Career Edge.
    2. TA Resource Hub on Canvas. This is a new resource, available August 3rd to all new and returning TAs.
    3. TA Orientation. TAs are expected to attend all three live panel discussions, where they learn about the various expectations of their new role.
    4. TA Training Lunch-and-Learn Series. Launching in August, this series of monthly virtual lunch-and-learn sessions are specifically tailored to enhance the training of new teaching assistants.

Resources for welcome materials

  • Graduate College orientation video
    A 3-minute overview of Graduate College resources available for students.
    You can include this in your presentations as an introduction to the Graduate College, in lieu of having one of our staff present.

  • Graduate College new student welcome webpage
    New students get at-a-glance view of the support and resources available from the Graduate College.
    Direct students to this page as a first step to learning about the Graduate College.

  • Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) video
    iPOS tracks student progress and provides students a roadmap to success. Students are required to submit their iPOS by the time they have enrolled in 50 percent of the minimum credit hours required by their degree program. Feel free to include the video in your welcome packets.

  • Graduate Student Toolkit 1.0
    Collection of resources in Canvas for new graduate students from “Getting Started as a Graduate Student” to “Paying for Graduate School” and “Making the Most of Graduate School.” Requires self-enrollment. 

Ongoing Initiatives from the Graduate College

  • Mentoring Initiatives
    Several programs for students to find mentors and connect with peers and faculty beyond their academic unit.

  • Career Navigators
    Doctoral students can participate in the cohort-based Career Navigators program where they will work with alumni to further their career opportunities and competencies.
    Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx)

  • The PFx program helps graduate students and postdocs explore careers in and outside of academia, build career confidence, and critically engage with an interdisciplinary group of peers and mentors.
    Two hybrid PFx seminars are offered during fall 2020, and in the spring, students can attend a series of open session talks.

  • Knowledge Mobilization
    In today's world, it is critical that scholars make their work usable and accessible beyond traditional academic disciplines. Knowledge mobilization presents opportunities for students to engage in impact-based research through courses and awards.

  • Distinguished Awards
    The Graduate College can help graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to find, apply and compete for widely-recognized distinguished fellowships and awards.

  • Funding for graduate students
    The Graduate College provides funding and support to a number of awards, fellowships, training and development opportunities for entering and continuing students.

  • Graduate Faculty Finder
    PhD students can search a database of nearly 2,000 graduate faculty who can serve as dissertation committee chairs or members.

  • Academic Integrity
    All Arizona State University graduate students are required to complete the Graduate College Academic Integrity Tutorial in the first semester of their graduate study. Students will find this in MyASU.

  • Graduate Policies and Procedures
    It’s the graduate student’s responsibility to be aware not only of your program’s requirements, but also of the policies set in place by the Graduate College.

  • Format Wizard
    A free tool that aids students who must produce a thesis, dissertation or equivalent document by generating a properly formatted template, making the format review process as painless as possible.